A Trip to La Bradasa with an old friend

On June 1 I celebrated my Birthday. As an interesting aside, The Boss Lady was born MANY years later June 2, and we married on June 3. Having just had some successful major surgery (Thank the Lord) and still recovering, she asked what my plans were for my Day.
I had thought some about that question and decided to spend most of the day down at the Home Place with an old friend of over 60 years. This friend came into my world in the form of a Christmas present when I was 11 years old. It is a Model 94 Saddle Carbine in 25-35 caliber. I hunted with it as a 12-year-old the next fall and used it to harvest my first deer.
Dad had put a 3 power Weaver scope on it, side mounted, and it made the nimble little rifle unwieldy for me. We removed that scope, and it has been an open sight option ever since. Mostly a SAFE QUEEN, ever so often I take it out for a spin, but only for shooting “paper”.
I set up a target at a range finder measured distance of 50 yards. Peering through those Buck Horn Iron Sights, that target appeared to be close to 300 yards away with my old eyes. None the less, I managed to shoot a 3-round group of under 2 inches with 2 of the bullets being under 1 inch apart. Not exactly Minute of Angle but then not Minute of Acre either! I was well pleased, and that firearm felt comfortable snuggled up against my shoulder. Just like many times over the years.
I am not sure how long it will be before we make another “round” together as my scoped bolt action options are numerous, and most days, I can shoot any of them better than that lever action. But while they are all more powerful, accurate, and expensive, I can honestly say NONE of them hold the same “spot” in my memory. Like any long time, GOOD Friend, I am honored to have had it in my life for so long.