The Best $5

When we started running low on candy as we helped stuff eggs for the Easter Bunny, we started getting creative.  I stuffed a few with blackberries and fishing lure plastic worms just for the heck of it. My little sister wasn’t amused, but hey, you never know how a kid’s gonna react. My son does love his fruit! But then we found grandpa’s coin bucket and started stuffing eggs with quarters as we know the kiddos love having quarters for the gumball machines in town.  Grandma threw quite a few one dollar dollars eggs too.

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Because He’s 6

My son turned a big 6 years old Sunday, and he sure is proud of it. That night he got a craving for eggs, and he ate one after another until he had devoured 3 eggs, said it was because he was 6 now. If he eats 3 eggs now that he is 6, I hate to see how many eggs we’ll have to cook for breakfast when he’s 16! I have a feeling we are gonna need more chickens if that’s the case.

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The Great Preparation

The big freeze we’ve been expecting hasn’t hit yet, but I expect by the time we start pasting this newspaper together, my teeth will be chattering plenty fast. One thing is for sure. When the weatherman said “artic blast” I made sure to ask my husband to start getting some firewood ready. We were stuck without any dry firewood when the great “snowpocalypse” happened, and I kicked myself about that for days. I am willing to bet we are all a little better prepared this year than we were that awful year.

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The Puppy Phase

My little one recently decided to be a “puppy for the afternoon”. As a teenager, I had several younger siblings, and I distinctly remember when they went through their “puppy phases”. I will never forget how hard I laughed as I poured a bowl of milk, and watched my pesky little sister get down on her hands and knees on our kitchen floor to lick the milk up out of the bowl like a dog. If only they had digital cameras in those days.

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Socks and Toes

I asked my teenage daughter (not naming any names) to help get my son dressed. She put a little twist on that when he resisted a little, but he came out dressed.
I learned later that she told her poor little brother that if he doesn’t wear socks with his shoes he will “grow an extra toe” on the side of his foot.
What a sisterly thing to do.

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Happy Feet

Well we went from nice and toasty to freezing cold pretty quickly this weekend didn’t we? I must be getting older, cause I’m talking about the weather like Jerry Beck. But I am not too old yet, because I do not record the amount of rainfall. I’m still one of those young irresponsible children who have to call someone older and wiser to ask how much rain we got. When I start keeping up with that, that’s how I’ll really know I’m old. No offense to any of you rain documenters.

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