Case of the Missing Eggs

We got some new chickens so it’s been kind of egg-citing around our house to say the least. These hens have a mind of their own, that’s for sure.
We have our fake ceramic eggs and plans, making little nesting boxes for them to lay eggs, but they have other ideas. They are flying up to roost in our trees at night, and then getting all sorts of creative when it comes to finding a spot to lay their eggs.
So far we’ve found 6 eggs, out of what I estimate to be 18 eggs hidden in our field, based on each hen laying 1 egg a day. So I guess that makes the score about 6 to 12, hens winning.
I’m a little exhausted of this non-stop Easter egg hunt, but Tucker is loving every minute of it. He even insisted that we make a “treasure map” of our property, showing where all the eggs we found were hidden.
It’s a pretty confusing map so far!

With Syrup

My son insisted on a rather odd snack last week. “I want some pickles and syrup,” he said with big eyes, shaking his head up and down like he was preparing for the most awesome thing.
“Are you sure?” I asked, thinking he wouldn’t take more than one bite.
Boy was I wrong. Yesterday he asked for the same thing, only he added blueberries to his request. Blueberries, pickles and syrup. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.
“Mmmmm!” he exclaimed, “That’s good!”
Well if you are feeling adventurous, you have a new recipe to add to your menu. I am confident not many of you have tried it!

Cheaper by the Dozen

I ended up babysitting eight kiddos last week, including my two. It was a cousin-tastic kind of day. To be fair, two are teenagers, so they helped considerably. I thought my mind would be boggled and perhaps it was a little bit by the end of the day, but truthfully, I enjoyed it. I certainly heard phrases like “I’m hungry…I need to go the bathroom…I want a drink…I’m hungry again” more times than I care for in one day. But I think I kind of like the “cheaper by the dozen” lifestyle.
It was a busy day, but it was packed with smiles and fun. Eight little smiling faces made sure of that, and the teenagers were more helpful than ever before, because after all, they kind of have to be with that many kids around!
The four little boys explored and went on many missions to the tree house, and the girls played dolls and held the real-life baby. Occasionally, they came out to spy on each other or prank one another. We even had a picnic lunch. They built a new fort on a hill, and at the end of the day, we made a campfire. That was the best idea I had all year. That campfire provided hours of fun as they boys scoured the yard for sticks to throw in.
I’m not too big on New Year’s resolutions but I just so happened to accomplish something I’ve been longing to do on New Year’s Eve. We finally found a good deal on a storage shed and got it delivered, something I’ve been putting off for quite awhile. What a relief it is to get it done.
As a bonus, my “shed” was really a custom-built playhouse that was no doubt built by some loving grandpa years ago. It looks like a little log cabin with a porch, so my son loves it. There’s plenty of room for storage and a little fun-space too. The porch is Tucker’s new “base” of operations. So I guess we officially have four “forts/tree houses” now.
We stayed home that night, dog tired from carrying boxes to the new shed, but we got the most excellent firework show we could ever ask for by walking outside and looking all around us at midnight. The sky was filled with huge, beautiful firework shows, and we had an almost 360 view of 4 or 5 neighboring properties. Daddy popped a few little ones for us too, which Tucker thoroughly enjoyed.
Happy New Year! Mine’s been pretty productive so far. Gotta go now…my son’s a calling, and I think it’s time to go build the first fort of the New Year!

Morphin Time!

Christmas morning was a blast as always. I wish every morning could be like Christmas morning. My sweet teenager decided that she would give us an interesting wake-up call since her little brother has been letting us sleep in sometimes (too late for her taste of Christmas morning). So she set a speaker right outside our bedroom and began blaring “Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer.” It started out at a nice low volume but quickly started climbing.
“It was only on 100,” she said when I came out.
Santa left the kid’s presents sitting on the couch this year, and it took the kids quite a while before they spotted them. They were both super pleased. Tucker got his Treasure X sunken gold ship which he wrote a letter to Santa asking for, and when he saw it he yelled out “This is exactly what I wanted!”
Tucker, the super-sonic fast gift opener, was constantly hungry for the next gift. He had a lot of fun unwrapping this year.
The days leading up to Christmas were a tad bit stressful, as seeing those big gifts wrapped under the tree began driving Tucker a little bonkers. I waited to wrap the biggest, most exciting gifts until a couple days before Christmas, and it’s a darn good thing. Tucker is a lot of things, but patient isn’t one of them.
We certainly had a great Christmas and my mom got to have all of her kids under one roof at the same time finally, so that was fun for her. We didn’t get to re-enact one of our great sibling rivalry fights, but my children keep up the tradition quite well.
Tucker got “real” Power Ranger Dino Fury keys for Christmas, so we will certainly have a lot of “morphin time” fun in the days to come.

A Snow Day?

Tucker woke up this week and feeling that is was cold outside, he automatically assumed, “Hey mom it’s going to snow now right?” I guess at his young age, last Winter was certainly the most memorable one and he’s thinking that’s just the way it is in Winter. I explained to him that snow in Devine is a very rare event, and he was a little disappointed to say the least.
The kids and I judged the Christmas light contest this weekend. I took my daughter the first night and my son the next as we made the rounds. At one of the last homes, a real life Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus greeted us at the gate.
This should have been really exciting, except for one little thing: Tucker is terrified of Santa. I know a lot of kids cry when you set them on Santa’s lap, but I can’t even get Tucker close. As soon as he sees Santa at a party or event, his eyes grow wide and he takes off running the other direction or takes a ninja stance.
The Morris family (whose home was in the Christmas light competition) also had a table with hot cocoa and cookies set up and invited families to take a ride in Santa’s sleigh set up below a snow machine.
As we entered the yard, Tucker was very careful to keep an eye on the guy in the red suit, and not to make any eye contact with Santa. When Santa did speak to him, Tucker ducked and hid beneath the table. He loved playing in the snow machine (made of bubbles) though. And low and behold, Tucker did get his snow day after all!

Under the Bed

Tucker uncovered a not-so-well-hidden Christmas gift at grandma’s house, a laser tag set. So I’ve been re-living my youth, running the halls of my house in the dark playing a lot of laser tag recently. Me and my cousins and siblings used to do this a lot, and Tucker loves it just as much. This morning, he turned the beeping laser guns to the floor and was using them as bomb detectors. The boys got creativity, that’s for sure.

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The Shrink

My son’s discovered some old 90s flicks that he’s become obsessed with. Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Honey We Shrunk Ourselves, and Honey I Blew Up the Kids, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, repeat, repeat, repeat. If I didn’t know any better, I would think Tucker plans on shrinking us.
My sister always said he was like a “mad scientist” the way he explores. So who knows. He says if he was “shrunk” he would climb the Christmas tree. His main clever plan is to “shrink his sister though”, he says.
When we aren’t re-watching the “honey I shrunk” videos, we are playing with his beloved and very patient kitten which has been re-named many times. Currently he calls it “Butter the kitten”. It is certainly the loving and patient kind. Tucker is a tad bit hyper and rough for most kittens’ taste, but this one is awfully forgiving. Most cats don’t enjoy playing “hide and kitten go seek” as he calls it, but this one seems to tolerate it, for a while anyways.
The other night I found he had fallen fast asleep with the kitten in his lap, which was also asleep. It was the cutest sight.
We are enjoying having the Christmas tree up, and Tucker made the customary hand-print antlered reindeer ornament. Every year, it’s fun to see the dozens of handmade ornaments we’ve collected over the years and who made what. So far most of them are my daughters and a few surviving ornaments from my husband and my childhood. But I’m sure there will be many more from Tucker. No telling what kind of ornaments my little wild man will make.
Maybe he’ll shrink us and put us on the tree as an ornament!

Little Ghosts

Lots of the little cousins got together this weekend, and as expected it was lots of fun. The highlight of the evening was when I led the little boys on a mission to sneak up on the teenage girl cousins.
I had Luke, Cody, Lane, and Tucker all on their hands and knees sneaking up to tap on the outdoor windows of the cabin where the girls were. Then started howling “like ghosts” which actually sounded more like coyotes, but made it all the more hilarious.
There’s nothing quite like the good old-fashioned fun of boys sneaking up to scare the girls or vice versa. I have to admit, as their captain, I had just as much fun as they did army-crawling up the porch to tap on the windows and leading them in the ghostly howling.
Apparently, we sounded like really scary coyotes, cause we scared the living daylights out of the girls. But I think the girls forgave me since I bought them an enormous bag of junk food for their sleepover.
When my daughter was little I was focused on the make-overs and dress-up outfits and other girly fun at the sleepovers. But now that she’s a teenager, it’s my Tucky boy and his cousin comrades who have mama’s attention. So I guess I’ve officially transformed from mommy make-up artist, to mommy drill sergeant. I have to say sneaking up on the girls was even more fun than playing dress up.
Can’t wait ‘til the next sleepover! Until then I’ll be planning our next mission.

My little cowboy

We got bored one day last week, and the fish weren’t biting, so I said “hey how about I give you a horse ride.” He loved it even more than I thought. He’s transformed from plain old country boy to a rodeo cowboy in one week. All it took was a couple of fun horse rides around the ranch last week and he’s hooked!
I’ve always thought it’s amazing how it feels to sit in the saddle and hold the reins in your hand as a kid. Always made me feel like I was sitting on top of the world, and I saw that in Tucky’s eyes and giant smile too.
Saturday morning when he woke up for the parade, he said “I know what I’m wearing! My cowboy jeans!” again with his gruff and tough cowboy voice. We added a cowboy belt to that, and I’m sure it won’t be long before his PF Flyers turn into boots now.
The Fall Festival this Saturday was a blast as always, except I stood on my feet waaaaay too long. We went from one ride to the next for hours and never ended up leaving until ten o clock or so. Tucker kept begging for “one more ride”. He had a blast following his cousins around for the last three hours, riding ride after ride. Cousins are so fun, and he looks up to them so much.
His favorite ride was the giant bungee jumping on trampolines though. By the end of the night, the carnival ride lady in that booth was his best friend. I was surprised he wasn’t scared to get hitched up to that ride, but before he took off for the first time he told me “I ain’t scared of nothin’!” with a real gruff cowboy voice.
I should have known that I guess, after all, he is a cowboy now!

My Little Batman

Sister’s volleyball game lasted til nearly 7 on Halloween night, so we got off to a late start on our trick or treating. Brother was “Batman” for the day, and he was loving it. As soon as I slipped the Batman costume onto him, he began his karate and ninja moves. It took about five minutes of those super cool moves before he would pause to let me buckle the back of the costume up.
And then came the cape, as soon as it was installed, he climbed to the highest part of the couch, and stood like the super hero he is proudly. Then he leaped down and whooshed down the hallway and back so fast I couldn’t hardly video him. Then he did a few somersaults down the hallway. It was truly adorable.
We stopped by the Methodist Church’s Trunk or Treat which was lots of fun, and Tucker even got to sit inside a real submarine. There was only one condition; he had to take his favorite candy with him. He would not relinquish that candy from his hand for nothing.
We went to see a few friends for trick or treating, and he showed each of them his “muscles” accentuated by the poofy Batman costume. Aunt Bobbie and Nancy and Grandma West all got a kick out of that.
He’s been a real super hero lately. This weekend he put on a ninja moves trick show for us in the front yard. This consisted of him racing across the yard, stopping to do a somersault roll across the little tikes picnic table and trampoline and a few on the ground in between, and leaping off any surface he could find. It was great.
He fell asleep in his Batman costume, and what a sweet sight it was. There’s no doubt in his mind that he has the skills to be a super hero. I guess we all have our own super hero skills. If you are not feeling it, do a few somersault rolls and race down the hallway a few times and leap off the couch.