Live It and Not Just Hear It

An incident occurred recently at our Worship Service one Sunday morning that struck a certain chord in me and the result of that situation and my reaction to it caused the idea for this Tale to come about.
The Boss Lady and I were sitting there enjoying the singing and looking forward to the Message/Lesson when one of our Security Team Members touched me on the shoulder and said come with me. Now this Big Ole Boy is someone I think the world of, so I immediately jumped, or maybe more like stumbled up, and quickly followed him out.

There were a some folks in the Foyer surrounding a Friend of ours and she appeared confused and a bit disoriented. We have known her for a few years and encouraged her to come visit our Church. Result, she was Baptized and became involved in several programs.
I took one look at her and said “You Look like Crap. We are going to the ER Right Now and Don’t You Dare Give Me Any Back Talk”! A couple of the more gentile Ladies thought that was mighty rude, but I know this Lady to be Stubborn and I was not about to back down from getting her some medical help. After all I grew up surrounded by German Farm Folks and being subtle is not the most effective approach with that group!
Net result is she got admitted and released later in the day. The problem was Dehydration which is sort of common for many folks with a good many B-Day Candles on the Tortilla.
Once the release report was circulated among a group of her Church Friends, I also texted our Fine Preacher with the information. In our interchange, I mentioned the title of this Tale.
At least within our Casa we go to Church to be around some mighty fine people and to enjoy Fellowship with them. We leave nearly every time feeling better about Life and encouraged to better face the challenges that come to us all, especially as the years go by.
But in those Lessons and Songs, there is a theme about not only RECEIVING but also about GIVING through more than just words. Putting those Lessons into ACTION is a part of, at least in our circle, what we believe it is that we should be doing.
Over the last nearly a year, The Boss Lady and I have “taken turns” being laid up with some health issues.
During this challenging time, we have witnessed our Fellow Brothers and Sisters SHOW us Love and Concern by doing some amazing things to help and encourage us.
So it seemed not just the RIGHT thing to do in helping our Friend, but the ONLY thing to do. In the Final Analysis, we can choose to simply Listen about how to live our Lives. Or we can DO something with those Teachings. In Sports, Hunting, or just Plain Old Living, putting forth what we know to be the Right Thing in chosen courses of action makes plenty of sense to me, and generally leads to a more gratifying experience.
This Tale is different than most of those I put down on paper and I am not sure if it will be published or well received. And in all honesty, those things are important to me. But what is MORE IMPORTANT is that in my walk along this path of Living, when opportunities present themselves, I want to be that Person who puts Good Words and Good Teachings into ACTION.
If you believe this Tale written to make Me Look Good for doing the Right Thing, I have failed in the efforts. This is NOT about ME and my small actions. It IS about a story designed to encourage each and every one of us to Live what those Sermons are about and not just Hear them!