Homecoming Parade coming up

Another slow week at Lytle P.D., officers handled 51 calls for service and conducted 37 traffic stops. Those stops resulted in 16 citations and 21 warnings.
Officers made three arrests last week: #1 – Officers responded to H.E.B. Plus for a report of a shoplifter. The female suspect had unpaid merchandise in her purse. The merchandise was a Chocolate Pecan Pie for $2.98, a package of Ground Beef (93%) valued at $6.19, and 2 packages of Prime NY strip steaks (valued at $35.50 and $32.94) with a total value of $77.61.

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Mark your calender for National Night Out-October 3

Lytle P.D. news for the week ending Sunday, Sept. 17: Officers handled 68 calls for service that number is on the high side. Officers conducted 66 traffic stops. Of those 66 stops, 32 resulted in a citation and 34 were warnings.
Arrests: No arrests were made last week.

Officers took reports of 5 property crimes last week: #1 – A Lytle-Somerset resident reported their trash can was missing. #2 – A $52,000 Takeuchi Skid loader was taken from a subdivision construction site on FM 2790 near the Lytle State Bank. #3 – The storage room at John Lott Park (Juan Garcia Pavilion) was entered by an unknown person. The only things taken were three old containers of powdered chocolate, which probably should have been trashed a few years ago. #4 – A Wisdom Rd. resident reported her Samsung Galaxy 8 phone as missing. # 5 – An unknown person damaged a concrete bench at John Lott Park.
Our National Night Event is only a few weeks away, so mark your calendars to attend on Tuesday, Oct. 3. It will be held at the Lytle Community Center from 6P to 8P. Join us for free food (hotdogs, of course) and drinks. We will also be providing snow cones! If your organization wants a table, please reach out to us and we will get you signed up.
“Friday night football in Texas” at its best, Lytle broke the streak! They defeated our rival Natalia Mustangs and took home the Legacy Bowl Trophy. Natalia had won the last 8 games, so it was about time for that trophy to move north. Now would be a good time to end this rivalry and let us keep the trophy.

“up and up”

Lytle P.D. officers made it through last week by handling 53 calls for service and conducting 98 traffic stops. Of those 98 traffic stops, 69 resulted in a citation and 29 were either verbal or written warnings.  
       We had five property crimes reported last week: #1 – H.E.B. Plus reported a female with a child attempted to make off with $88 worth of product. The property was recovered by store staff, the case is under investigation. #2 – Somebody thought it would be cool to graffiti the baby changing table in a restroom at John Lott Park. #3 – A Harbour St. resident reported their Waste Management trash can as stolen. On a side note, these normally turn up a day or two later after ending up at the wrong house. #4 – A complainant reported his wallet containing $117 cash, a Mexico DL, and his Mexico Consulate card was lost at H.E.B. Plus. #5 – A suspect attempted to cut into a storage unit at Lytle Self Storage on FM 2790, he damaged the lock and door (an arrest was made, see the arrest section). #6 – A suspect threw a rock and broke a window at Tots to Teen Dentistry. The suspect has been identified. 
       Arrests for last week: #1 – Officers arrested a male for a domestic violence charge, before being booked into jail he requested medical care for an existing condition. He was taken to the hospital in Jourdanton for clearance, it was determined he needed to be admitted. He was released and officers will seek an arrest warrant on an assault charge. (So that is kind of an arrest, un-arrest situation). #2 – Officers arrested a 39-year-old male for criminal trespass on H.E.B. property, he had been given a trespass notice in the past. #3 – Ofc. J. Cortez was patrolling the Lytle Self Storage on FM 2790 and happened upon a burglar trying to break into a unit. The suspect was charged with criminal mischief, and he had a felony dope warrant out of Bexar Co. Good job Ofc J. Cortez! #4 – A traffic stop on N. Prairie resulted in the arrest of a 27-year-old male on a warrant out of Bexar Co. for domestic violence. 
There are still some companies and individuals that go “door to door”. Door-to-door soliciting in the city limits of Lytle requires a permit. The permits are obtained at the city hall. If you have someone come to your door you can always ask them if they have a permit and ask to see it. We see this commonly with those wanting to do yard work (back when it rained), tree trimming, etc. We issue a few for products and other services too, solar panels got popular for a while. Many times, these solicitors don’t have permits, often because they are less than on the “up and up”. Feel free to call our 24-hour dispatch at 830-769-3434, an Atascosa Sheriff’s Communication Officer will dispatch an officer to your location to check the status of the solicitor. My best advice is if they offer something that seems to be too good to be true, you need to put some thought into it. Some people and groups, such as religious organizations, don’t require permits since they aren’t selling a product. Feel free to email or call if you have any questions. I have questions about anyone willing to go “door to door” in this heat!
On Monday, August 7, 2023, Sgt. D. Lopez and Ofc. L. Diaz responded to a disturbance on Magnolia St. Our officers encountered a subject in a mental health crisis, he was armed with a handgun and had already discharged the firearm. I am very proud that our officers used their training and experience in this critical incident, and the situation was resolved without any injury. The outcome could have been much different. 
In other Lytle P.D. news …. We mourn the loss of our break room refrigerator. After 8 plus years it gave out, I have stored many unhealthy snacks in there through the years. Fortunately, I have a new one scheduled for delivery.

Freedom Walk

Lytle P.D. stuff for the week ending July 30, 2023, Officers handled 48 calls for service and conducted 83 traffic stops. Of those 83 stops, 54 resulted in a citation and 29 were warnings.
I missed one property crime in last week’s report. A rental trailer at a residence on Main St. had the ramps stolen! They probably wanted the whole trailer but decided to just get what they could. I’m not sure I would want to run into whoever stole those ramps; they were on the heavy side. For the past week, we only had one property crime reported! A resident in the 14400 Blk. of Main St. reported that someone entered his vehicle and removed an American Tactical .45 Cal. Handgun (1911 style).
Arrests: Lytle PD Officers arrested 4 people last week: #1 – A male was arrested for public intoxication after he was found passed out behind the H.E.B. C-Store. He was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail. #2 – A traffic stop on FM 2790 N. resulted in the arrest of a female who had an active warrant out of Bell Co. for Tampering with Govt. Records. She was booked into the Medina Co. Jail. #3 – A disturbance in the parking lot of the Lytle Community Center resulted in the arrest of a female for possession of Marijuana and unlawfully carrying a firearm. She will also be charged with possession of a stolen firearm. A Sig 9 MM was recovered, it had been reported stolen to San Marcos P.D. She was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail. #4 – A traffic stop on the access road of IH-35 resulted in the arrest of a female for possession of a controlled substance and unlawfully carrying a weapon. She was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail.
We recovered one stolen handgun this week and had one handgun reported stolen. I guess that means we broke even.
The Lytle VFW is planning an event to commemorate the events that occurred on Sept. 11, 2001. They will hold a Freedom Walk at John Lott Park on Saturday, Sept. 9, 2023. From what I understand, the route will start at the park and then take about a one-mile walk through some residential streets and then end back at the park. I think they have some other plans in store, but I don’t have the details. Rumor has it you might get a free hotdog out of this! We have always been a community that appreciates free hotdogs. On the police side, we will make sure we have plenty of officers to keep the walkers safe so don’t hesitate to bring out the whole family. Maybe we will get lucky and need a light jacket.
August is upon us so it might start getting hot. A fellow at church last week said he knows what it feels like to be under “house arrest” because the heat is so intense you can’t leave the house. Yep, I look outside and think I need to work on something and then I open the door and change my mind.
Our schools will be back in session next week, please take extra caution when motoring around the schools. I agree, traffic can be challenging with the construction and now school traffic. Try to be patient and go with the flow. If you can figure that out, then let me know the secret.

Fake Urine

A quick overview of Lytle P.D.’s activity last week shows that officers handled 38 calls for service (that number is lower than average) and conducted 79 traffic stops. Of those stops, 54 resulted in a citation or citations and 39 were warnings.
In all, three property crimes were reported to us last week: #1 – The construction company working for TXDOT reported a piece of equipment damaged. The side mirrors were broken, and the hood was left open (probably trying to get to the battery). #2 – Dollar General reported a theft of unknown merchandise valued at between $100 and $200. #3 – H.E.B. reported a theft of $161 worth of merchandise. The suspect was identified and charges are pending. It just wouldn’t be a normal week if somebody didn’t steal something from a local store.
Officers made two arrests last week. #1 – Ofc. J. Cortez (assisted by Sgt. Hanson) conducted a traffic stop on Main St. for a vehicle with no lights. It was determined the driver was under the influence and was arrested for D.W.I.; he was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail. #2 – Officers A. Lopez and R. Garcia responded to a roadside disturbance on Wisdom Rd. It resulted in the arrest of a female for possession of a controlled substance (Meth) and possession of a drug test falsification device. An uncommon charge, but basically, she had some fake urine, for use in passing a drug test. I don’t know much about fake urine (or real urine for that matter), is it cheaper than the real thing?
Now it’s time for some important travel/road information. This time the roadway is FM 2790, the road you take to leave Lytle and head to Somerset. Over the next two weeks, there will be 5 days when the roadway is a single lane. While you will be able to travel in both directions, there will be a flagger, so you may be in for a little wait. This is only a small stretch of roadway. The work is necessary for Rosewood Estates, a big subdivision under construction, to build out their entrances according to TXDOT requirements. This construction will start once you get past Lytle State Bank and should be complete before you reach the North Prong of the Atascosa River. Trust me, a little disruption would be better now as opposed to something not being designed correctly and we all end up dealing with it for years.
Here is my public service announcement for the week: A small child was shopping with their mother at H.E.B. and found a folded-up dollar bill on the floor. The bill contained what appeared to be methamphetamine. The mother turned the property into us. This is something you may want to think about before you pick up paper money. This is nothing new, 24 years ago when I was in the restaurant business, I ran into the same thing.
All is well on the home front; I am adapting to telling people I have 5 kids. Canon is just over 4 weeks old, Benji will be 2 in August, Joy is 13, Luke is 15, and Grace is 18! Last week we all made it to church, and we took up a whole pew. I am waiting to see if our church hits us with some sort of surcharge or something.


In the week ending July 9, 2023, Lytle P.D. officers handled 56 calls for service and conducted 95 traffic stops. Of those 95 stops, 73 resulted in a citation and 22 were warnings. This doesn’t even come close to describing everything we did, but it is the best “snapshot” I can come up with.
Officers took three reports of property crimes. #1 – Officers took a report of a damaged city-owned manhole and cover. The damage occurred during the construction on IH-35 @ FM 3175. #2 – Big Tex Trailer (IH-35 Access Rd.). The officer on patrol arrested three people for stealing tires and wheels (more details below). #3 – H.E.B. Plus reported a theft, and the suspect was cited (more details below).
Officers also took a report of debit card abuse. The card was taken from the victim, who lives outside the city, and was used numerous times in our jurisdiction. Surprisingly, we haven’t had a lot of these lately.
L.P.D. officers made five arrests last week. Numbers 1, 2, and 3 were from the same incident. Ofc. Roger Garcia was on patrol (just after midnight) and checked the Big Tex Trailer sales and located a suspicious vehicle parked in the back, next to the fence. Upon further investigation, and listening to a bunch of lies, he found the truck bed loaded with new tires and rims. Three suspects were arrested for theft, and their vehicle was impounded, and one of the suspects also picked up a felony dope charge. All three were booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail. Sgt. Hanson assisted him. That was first-class police work! Excellent job Roger! I wish your mother would have had triplets…I would have hired all three of you. Arrests #4 – Ofc. J. Cortez conducted a traffic stop on Main St. for no vehicle registration and determined the driver had a felony drug warrant out of Medina Co. He was booked into the Hondo Hilton. Arrest #5 – A suspect was cited for theft (class C) and released at the H.E.B. Plus. He almost got away with fajitas, cream cheese poppers, and beer…. instead, he took home a citation. Just reading the report and looking at the evidence pictures makes me hungry.
Please remember that the FM 3175 lanes under I-35 will be closed effective 12 July and should re-open on Monday, August 7th. All this means is that you will need to detour up to the FM 2790 underpass, the one by Lytle State Bank/H.E.B. The access roads should both be two-way, so it shouldn’t be too complicated. This one-way road stuff has been driving me crazy.
The 4th of July event at John Lott Park was another success! There were lots of people and it looked like the food trucks were busy. I had a pepperoni and mushroom pizza that hit the spot. I saw a lot of kids with baseball gloves, baseballs, and soccer balls, having a fun time and getting in some physical activity. I sat in my patrol truck with the AC on and watched them while I ate my pizza. Lots of people of all ages were hanging out and having fun. It would have been the perfect backdrop to film a mustard or ketchup commercial.
When I am at these events, I don’t take a lot of pictures; I am laser-focused on the safety of the event and eating. Our mayor, Ruben Gonzalez is the picture guy…. check out his Facebook page.