Live It and Not Just Hear It

An incident occurred recently at our Worship Service one Sunday morning that struck a certain chord in me and the result of that situation and my reaction to it caused the idea for this Tale to come about.
The Boss Lady and I were sitting there enjoying the singing and looking forward to the Message/Lesson when one of our Security Team Members touched me on the shoulder and said come with me. Now this Big Ole Boy is someone I think the world of, so I immediately jumped, or maybe more like stumbled up, and quickly followed him out.

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We may be a little bit lost be we are making Good Time!

For a very long time I have been friends with a fellow I will call Robert. He worked for many years in a large financial planning organization, before breaking off and starting his own firm. It is sort of a 1 person deal with a part-time administrative helper. Robert is one of us “LUCKY DUCKS” who married WAY up and his wonderful Bride had her own very successful career for many years before retiring not too long ago.

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Looking Past the Hot and Dry

From time to time in the Tales I scribble, and the kind Ms. K. Holder allows to be published, I reference one of the “sayings” that was used in the Rosenauer Clan back when I was a child. For the Record, that was a LONG time ago! Some have hung around and I am recalling one today. While working long and hard, as most farmers did and STILL do, my Grand Dad would sometimes say:

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Gaining Empathy

I was visiting recently with an exceptional person who has allowed me the honor to be a mentor during a transitional period of life. Highly effective in their chosen profession, both as a Practitioner AND Leader, a change in senior level administration of their organization with a different vision sort of forced a decision to retire.

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I grew up in an extended family that was not, by any means, excessively schooled in formal classroom settings. That does not mean to infer a lack of intellectual ability or wisdom. Rather the collective insights often gained were from astute observations garnered from a lifetime of being outdoors much of the time. I am reminded of the book All I Needed to Learn Came From Kindergarten. Their book might have been similar but the title ending in Mostly From Nature.
A significant part of The Mantra carried forth in my Family Collection of Life Lessons centered on what Nature could teach us. One that stands out vividly in my Old Brain is about the anatomy of the human face.
Full Disclosure is warranted here. My Mom said I came out of the womb with a story to tell. It did not take long for me to develop the art of excessive exaggeration. Likely it is not by accident that my long career centered somewhat on the use of words, both spoken and written.
During one of many long-winded stories in my Youth, an elderly neighbor whose family still carries the same common land boundaries with us, now into the 4th generation, made a comment to me that still resonates some 6 decades later.
“Boy, he drawled. You ever notice how the Good Lord created the human face?” I am sure my puzzled look betrayed the confusion. He continued, “He gave us two eyes and two ears, but only one mouth that sits between each pair of the others. I reckon that is because HE wanted us to look AND listen with both sides of our brain before we said anything.”
In truth, the EXACT words he used were a GOOD BIT more colorful than this toned-down version. But the point he made was a good one and that wisdom has stuck with me and been confirmed over and over in my own interactions with and observations from time spent outdoors.
I have read and written more than a few words about the land and creatures, domestic and wild, that make up La Brasada. But those attempts to understand and/or explain came as much from being out there and involved with the animals, dirt, and vegetation as any book learning obtained or chronicled.
I am the very first to admit what I have gleaned over the years is a small drop in the bucket of what is available to learn from the University of Nature. But let me be as clear as possible with this parting thought. It is still a WHOLE LOT OF FUN to be blessed with the opportunity to keep on attending that FINE institution of learning. I have no plans to ever stop taking classes and trying to learn more!

Division of Labor

In my “growing up days”, the chores assigned to my sister, and I were well defined. While we shared some common inside duties, the kitchen was pretty much her domain, and the outdoor tasks were mine. We started out young with jobs, given my Mom’s paralysis due to Polio. Rhonda was cooking meals under the eagle eye supervision of Verna Dell Walker Rosenauer by age eight, and I was banished to the yard assignments a bit earlier in life. My first job for pay involved mowing lawn for other parties by the summer of my 8th year.
That limited exposure to culinary experiences has continued over the many years married to The Boss Lady. She was an Award Winning 4-H young person, earning Statewide and National honors in a variety of Home Management areas, and I am below average support person, ranking below our Son and Daughter in terms of ability.
Recently she was somewhat annoyed that I did not know where to put up certain “cookery items” while unloading the dishwasher. Foolishly I asked her if she would like to go check the oil in her vehicle or reset the game feeder clocks at the Home Place. Needless to say, it was NOT well received.
That exchange, followed quickly by my hasty retreat from the kitchen area, caused me to ponder the implications, both positively, and negatively, of such a division of labor. Both of us are intelligent, well-educated people with long-standing successful careers, and a very blessed lifestyle. But like in all successful organizations, we do what we do best to support the entire process.
While I am hopeful neither of us will have to “take on” each other’s respective jobs anytime soon, I imagine she could figure out some of the jobs I have better and quicker than I could hers. But just in case, maybe I should start a contact list of local cafes and other domestic services companies near me. After all, an Old Aggie Doc like me cannot be too careful!