Randy Brown’s hotel Hondo

Hello from Lytle! Last week, Lytle P.D. officers handled 66 calls for service and conducted 126 traffic stops. Those stops resulted in 94 drivers receiving citations and 32 receiving warnings.
Officers made four arrests last week: #1 & #2 – Officers responded to the H.E.B. Plus for a report of a shoplifter. It was another mother/daughter duo! The daughter was arrested for theft (approx. $130 worth of merchandise) and the mother was cited for criminal mischief for damaging some of the property. I have complained in the past that my dad was, and still is, a workaholic and that he seldom took us on vacation. I guess I should appreciate the fact that he and dear old Mom also never took us shoplifting. Arrest #3 – Officers were dispatched to the Star Food Mart (Chevron) for a report of a man who took a beverage without paying for it. Officers arrived, located the suspect, and determined he had a felony burglary of a habitation warrant out of Medina Co. He was booked into the Medina Co. Jail. So, his one free “stolen” drink led to free food, drinks, and lodging at Randy Brown’s hotel in Hondo. I like Randy, but I wouldn’t want to be an overnight guest at the place he runs. Arrest #4 – A verbal disturbance on Main St. resulted in the arrest of a female, that had a felony warrant out of Medina County for injury to a child/elderly/disabled w/bodily injury. She, too, was booked into the Medina Co. Jail. Back maybe in 1997 or 1998, there was a Schlotzsky’s in Hondo that was on Highway 90 and wasn’t there very long. I worked part-time for Lytle P.D. and looked forward to taking prisoners to the Medina Co. Jail, so I could stop by and grab a sandwich and a cup of broccoli cheese soup. Sorry, my stomach started wandering down memory lane.
Property crimes from last week, three were reported: #1 – A mini-storage unit on N. Somerset was burglarized. A ladder and some tools valued at $370 were reported stolen. #2 – That is the H.E.B. Plus mother/daughter theft I mentioned earlier. #3 – H.E.B. Plus reported a suspect walked out with about $120 worth of beer and other items.
The mayor provided me with some good info. to pass on. You will want to pay attention to this (unlike most of my written rambling). The FM 3175 lanes under I-35 will be closed effective 12 July for a few weeks. This is necessary for construction related to the ongoing TXDOT projects. Both frontage roads will return to two-way roads before this closure. Travelers on FM3175 will need to use the frontage roads to get around the construction. The plan is to have the lanes open by the start of school on the 9th of August. Imagine what a mess that would be if that intersection was closed and the school buses and parents coming in on FM 3175 had to re-route!
The city is still accepting applications for an Animal Control Officer and a Public Works employee. You might think “It’s too hot to work outside”, don’t worry about that. The weather around here gets pleasant for at least a month or so each year.