Meet Helena and Randy who are hoping for future forever family

Helena is an easy going, kind, and sweet eleven year old, who has a very peaceful demeanor and is a joy to be around. Although she may look a bit shy at first, but becomes outgoing once she feels comfortable. At school her favorite class is science, after school its running track & field and taking guitar lessons. She says one day she would like a career as a social worker.

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Meet Abigail

Abigail who is 14, has many things she likes to do, such as singing, painting, color & drawing, but topping her list of priorities, is becoming a part of her forever family.
A little about Abigail, at school, she enjoys attending classes, where she is making A’s & B’s, with her favorite subjects tied between Science & History, with Reading and English, close behind.

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Meet Rey

Rey is an energetic 13 who would rather play outdoors, running, swimming, and spending the afternoon in a playground, verses playing video games and/or electronics. As he enjoys playing on seesaws, merry-go-round, swing sets, and slides. During the summer months Rey is particularly fond of playing in water parks, as he enjoys cooling off in the water while swimming.

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Meet Jesus

Jesus is a sweet, energetic, and loving 14 year old, who enjoys participating in sports, playing with his toy car collection, and watching Disney television shows. 
 Jesus’ favorite time of the year is the holiday season, as he enjoys celebrating and participating in the holiday festivities. 
 With an opportunity to be outside, for Jesus, it’s an chance to explore his surroundings, which is reflective of his outgoing nature and his inquisitive mind. 
 When it comes to food; traditional Mexican meals tops the list, especially pan dulce! 
 Jesus’s ultimate dream in life is to be adopted by a loving and caring family, to see him accomplish his goals of graduating from high school, being accepted into, and graduating from college. 
 He would love the opportunity to make memories with his future forever family.
 If you think you could be Jesus’s forever parents, or for another Texas child, please contact the department at 1-800-233-3405, for more information about adoption or  where you can also find a schedule of online public information meetings, where you can learn more about the foster/adoption program.

Adoption Profiles…

Adoption Profiles…
Meet 14 year old Israel, who is described by those around him as being very witty and with a great sense of humor… Along with his sparkling personality, he is also known to be very helpful to those around him, regardless of the project.
One of Israel’s newest interests is his love for theater arts. He has enrolled in the class at school and has already read his first script, and had a very good time taking part in the reading.

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Aubrie, McKenzie & Monika

Meet Aubrie, the eldest of three very bonded sisters who are seeking to be adopted together into their forever family. Aubrie is a 9 -year-old girl with a jolly personality. She loves books, and has a small collection, which she values very much. Aubrie has a close relationship with her younger sisters and gets along well with others. Besides reading, Aubrie enjoys listening to music, watching TV and playing with her dolls. Aubrie is bilingual in both English and Spanish.

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Sibling group of 8 seeking forever home

What a blessing it would be if a family would open their hearts and their home to these sweet siblings, so that they may stay together.
Xiomara is 14 and the oldest sister. She is an ambitious and very outgoing teenager who loves to express her feeling through poetry and jokes. She loves to learn about the things around her daily life and really enjoys math and reading at school.

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