September 15
1:03AM – Complainant on Griffin Dr called regarding dogs barking in the area. Everything appeared okay.
7:13AM – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave E for a minor accident.
9:30AM – Complainant called regarding their bank account showing a $500 deposit then it being taken out. All okay, bank had a glitch that showed deposit on multiple accounts.
9:30AM – Officer dispatched to SH 173 for disabled truck tractor in roadway. All okay, tow truck already in route.
13:55PM – Complainant on Hondo Ave called in reference to a 2023 Toyota bearing temporary plates plugging into electrical outlet and charging vehicle overnight at business location.
18:00PM – Officer dispatched to Moore Ave for a verbal disagreement. All okay.
21:45PM – Complainant on Libold Dr called in reference to a black Chevy pickup peeling out and speeding in the area. Unable to locate.
22:58PM – Male subject jailed on Colonial Pkwy for DWI – struck cemetery fence and refused to stop.
23:27PM – Officer jailed male subject for DWI/DUI on Teel Dr.
September 16
7:29AM – Complainant on Crouch Ave advised vehicle was damaged on 9/15/23 at approximately 0200 hours near the driver side back passenger window.
14:46PM – Complainant on Teel Dr advised he lost his wallet at one of two businesses in Devine.
15:32PM – Complainant on Colonial Pkwy advised vehicle struck by unknown vehicle while parked and unoccupied between 1130 and 1500 hours.
15:32PM – Complainant on Crouch Ave advised male subject sitting in front of unoccupied house.
September 17
0:01AM – Officer dispatched to Jack Nicklaus Dr as separated wife came to house and altercation ensued. Female at location was assaulted and charges are pending. Wife jailed on 9/21/23 on an arrest warrant for the case.
2:22AM – Complainant on Zig Zag Ave advised shots fired in area. Unable to locate.
4:30AM – Complainant on Bright Dr N called in reference to two male subjects heard on property. Searched area but unable to locate.
September 18
0:30AM – Report of pickup on IH 35 SB all over roadway traveling between 30-35 MPH and almost crashed multiple times.
0:43AM – Female subject jailed for DWI/DUI on IH 35
6:55AM – Officer dispatched to Ross Dr for aggravated assault. Ex intentionally struck rear bumper of complainant’s vehicle while taking children to school. Charges pending. An arrest warrant has been obtained.
10:00AM – a juvenile female was found in possession of tobacco. Citation issued.
15:10AM – a juvenile female was found in possession of nicotine vape pen.
September 19
20:01PM – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave for minor accident.
21:38PM – Complainant on Howell Ave called in reference to loud noise; white pick up playing loud music. Unable to locate.
September 20
8:49AM – Officer dispatched to Washington Dr for minor accident.
8:54AM – Complainant on IH 35 S called in reference to a white GMC pickup parked with windows down and two rifles in sight.
11:00AM – Male juvenile cited and released to mom for vape pen found in locker.
15:15PM – Complainant on IH 35 S called in reference to suspicious white van. All okay.
17:11PM – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave for minor accident.
September 21
1:43AM – Complainant on Flores Dr called in reference to someone being heard on property. Everything appeared okay.
13:45PM – Complainant on Flores Dr called to report a dog bit to dog owner. ACO notified.
15:05PM – Complainant on Covey Ln stated son broke her TV and Christmas tree.
19:12PM – Complainant on College Ave report vehicle was struck by another unknown vehicle while parked at post office.
19:25PM – Complainant on IH 35 reported three 18 wheelers parked behind business. Officer made contact and vehicles were relocated.

Devine Police Report

September 8
11:25AM – Found red lunch box with passport on Hwy 173.
21:00PM – Female subject was cited and released for theft of $91.54 on IH 35 S.
23:28PM – Complainant on Rossville Rd called regarding vehicle on side of road. Vehicle stolen out of San Antonio by 16 year old male and in possession of a stolen firearm. Subject detained in Jourdanton Juvenile Detention Center.

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Details released as 30-hour Murder trial comes to an end

PRESS RELEASE by Mark Haby, Medina County Criminal District Attorney


Jeremiah Jordan Brown

Jeremiah Jordan Brown, who was 17 at the time of the murder, was with the 24-year-old victim during a shooting at an East-Side Valero Gas station in the early hours of February 6th, 2022, in which one man was wounded and taken to the hospital, though he did survive his injuries. Brown and the victim immediately fled the area until they found a dark service road in Castroville, Texas, where they then attempted to dispose of and bury the gun used in that earlier shooting.

Testimony from the forensic pathologist who conducted the autopsy revealed that the victim had been shot in the head seven times with no evidence of defensive wounds. Brown fled the scene in the victim’s car, taking the gun with him and ultimately disposing of it, resulting in additional charges for Tampering with Physical Evidence and Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle.

The Texas Rangers were called in to investigate the discovery of the victim’s body, which was found by a hiker less than 100 yards from Highway 90 and just down the hill from the well-known Hillside Boutique & Spa. Through an investigation involving numerous interviews & review of cell phone evidence that lasted more than 30 straight hours, investigators identified Jeremiah Brown as the shooter. Both in his interview with the Rangers, as well as at trial, Brown and his defense team claimed he acted in self-defense, arguing that he was acting in “sudden passion” after seeing his biological sister’s new boyfriend get shot at the San Antonio area gas station. Evidence from Brown’s cell phone, as well as interviews with family members who saw Brown after the shooting, revealed that he sought to avoid being tied to the first shooting, telling others that he didn’t know where the victim was and that he had last seen him when he abandoned him at a convenience store.

After three full days of testimony, the jury deliberated on Brown’s guilt for less than two hours on Friday, August 11th, swiftly rejecting his claim of self-defense. The court immediately moved to the punishment phase, which concluded on Monday, August 14th. Brown was sentenced to 30 years for Murder, 10 years for Tampering with Physical Evidence (the maximum allowed by law), and 2 years for Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle (also the maximum allowed by law). Brown must serve half his sentence before he is eligible for parole.

“Our community has begun to feel the effects of crime spilling over from San Antonio, and this verdict sends a strong message to any would be criminals that they will be held accountable” said District Attorney Mark P. Haby.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorneys Christian Neumann & Jeff Diles, while Brown was represented by the Hill Country Regional Public Defender’s Office.