Things and Stuff

Got a little over a half inch of rain last Saturday and it brought our total to over 10 inches for the year (10.3). Bluebonnets have fizzled out and the stickers are starting to show up. Gonna be summer soon.

Gotta go sit down with my insurance man in a little while. Not looking forward to it at all. Seems insurance companies and such are oblivious to the fact that our economy has slipped off the rim and into the toilet. They have no problems raising their costs for insurance without giving credit for the fact that some folks do not abuse their service like some do. In my opinion, they are paying Jake too much and I also believe that they didn’t need to buy a sports stadium.
Since retiring, I have found that there are things that we can do without or with less of…a mindset that should be considered by the insurance industry. Everything is increasing in price and the only thing that is not increasing is my retirement income. Won’t be long until my expenses will equal my retirement income and the government does not care…after all, they are here to help you.
Got runoff elections coming up soon. Go vote. One way or the other, vote…and take somebody with you.
In November, if you want 4 more years of what we have been through, then vote for the same. If not, then change it. After all, we are enjoying increasing inflation, higher taxes (and everything else), more overseas conflicts, we are protecting more borders (but not ours), radicals are being elected to Congress and on and on…
The country that we were raised in is now a memory. Sit back, do nothing and complain or stand up and have a positive effect.