Big Red with Dale

Saturday night was good to a lotta folks in our area. Phil MacAnelly got over a couple inches of rain out in Yancey and Frank Runnells got bout the same in Biry. We, the Black Creek folk, were on the edge and I only found 2 tenths of an inch in my rain gauge. Aint heard from Mawmaw or Billy Grote in Moore.
We lost a good man last week. Dale Stehle finished his tenure on this side and went on. Didn’t see him much after he moved to Leakey but, talked once in a while. Got a quick Dale Stehle story explaining how he and I got into law enforcement.
Dale and I were workin for HEB Construction Co. in the summer of 1974 up at the HEB on Fredericksburg Rd at West Ave. It was bout as hot then as it is now. Round lunchtime one day, Dale and I were eating our sammidges out on the sidewalk in the shade cause they wouldn’t let us eat inside in the air conditioning and we were trying to drink our Big Reds before they got hot.
We looked out on West Ave. and saw a San Antonio Police car drive by. The policeman had the windows rolled up, his right arm draped across the seat just enjoying the drive in an air conditioned car.
I looked at Dale and said “I could do that”. He said “I think I could too”. After work that day, we went down to the SAPD Headquarters and picked up an application. Dale went a step further and went down on New Braunfels and got an application for DPS. Guess DPS called him first cause, as we all know, he went with them. Both of us got into Law Enforcement at the same time and both were blessed to retire from our respective agencies.
There are a number of other Dale Stehle stories out there that I am sure will surface in the near future. I got a few more, just ain’t enough space here to get them all in. Bottom line, Dale was one of the good guys. Always happy to see you and even happier to talk your leg off. If you asked him what time it was, he would tell you how to build a watch.
I see where our Supreme Court came out with a couple of decisions with which our current Administration did not agree. Now our President and others close to his way of thinking are saying that the Court does not understand our Constitution. Sounds like some of them are gonna throw a temper tantrum cause they didn’t get their way. Next Election, our country better wake up.
Still waitin on my notice to appear for my Protest Hearing at the Tax Appraisal Office and, speaking of taxes, I was glad to see the Devine City Council act to freeze City taxes for folks 65 and over. Now if the State would get off their keesters and act along the same lines…
Keep praying for rain. Medina Lake aint full yet.