Virginia Lee Briscoe Martin

8/21/35 – 3/9/24

Just A small town girl. Ordinary in every way. Two parent family. Two brothers. Growing up and struggling through the Great Depression. Cousins … friends… church, and a life where Jesus Christ was a decided factor in life choices made. Mom Grew up and married her high school sweetheart.

Mom was separated for a time from her love, by his service in the military. Mom gave birth to, and raised 4 children, sewing most of their clothing, and teaching them to bake; each one becoming grand champion, Bakers, pickle, and jelly makers. Two of these precious children and her husband have preceded her in death, and greeted her as she arrived.
Mom was never rich, never famous.
Worked in the school as the office personnel, teacher and teacher assistant. Mom (and dad) lead a local 4-H group for MANY years and worked with 4-H so that all the children in this small town could be enriched. Mom sponsored many wedding and baby showers. Mom Raised parakeets… Owning over 1000 pair and raising them for the seller called Harts.
Mom proceeded to teach her grandchildren the same things- baking, sewing, life with Jesus. … At least, as many as were nearby so that she could reach them. Mom continued her work with children through her retirement years, making Amish friendship bread for church every Sunday so those who came and didn’t have the way to afford food for breakfast at home, could grab something to eat.
Mom suffered with her children and grandchildren as they suffered. She stood by and prayed them through many storms… and her prayers weren’t limited to family. She prayed for friends and even for those unknown to her, who asked ministries for prayers- as she was part of the prayer ministry.
At the time GOD determined, her financial and physical abilities to be personally there to minister diminished; however…through GOD, Mom was shown a way to continue to minister, and over 25 years, cut, threaded and gave out 35,000-40,000 ribbon cross bookmarks to ministers, those going on mission and ministry trips to give.
In the last few months, GOD called her to witness to medical personnel twice through strokes where those attending her care needs didn’t have eternal security through Jesus.
The last stroke incapacitated to care for herself in any way. Her roommate needed some assistance learning from the Master. And HE used Mom to gently bring the prior seeds to fruition.
Modern medicine had nothing to help her… They all tried. However GOD didn’t leave her without help. God showed the way, and through HIM the professionals gave her HIS natural medicines which relieved and helped her so much more than the manmade chemicals ever did.
She went to sleep on the evening of March 8, and on March 9 at about 2 AM she quietly, peacefully, grasped Jesus’ hand and went home. Leaving the rest of us, bereft of her loving presence and kindness.
She is gone. I cannot and would not call her walk here anymore. I cannot get to her or drive to where she is anymore to ask for prayer, or to pray with and for her. I already miss her advice, which has been wonderful and necessary. I miss her hugs