Take What You Can From Me

An important lesson in Life, at least for Me, is that no two people walk the same journey while in and of this World.

I cannot completely understand or replicate the path that you have chosen and are taking. Nor is it appropriate for me to even try to do that. After all, it is YOUR Journey.
But I do hope some commonalities will occur and that you take what you can from me.
We all have dreams and goals. And the destinations may vary, but some of the preparations are common.
Aiding you in finding a clearer understanding of what you hope to accomplish in YOUR Journey is one of my goals.
And that you can only take and use what you can from me.
But the commonalities of some experiences can be built upon as can the Lessons Learned when living and paying attention to the circumstances and situations where we find ourselves.
I hope we will listen carefully to each other and respect that our differences are not as great as our commonalities.
Take what you can from me. And I pray it makes your travels a bit better, easier, and clearer.