8th Grade Fillys Dominate Uvalde

8th Grade Middle Blocker A’Dell Holder and Sydney Solis go up for a block in a recent game against Pearsall.

Shana Beaty
Staff writer
The Devine Filly 8th grade A-team Volleyball girls played against Uvalde and won another district game improving their district record to 4-1, and 6-2 for the season. Devine beat Uvalde in two sets back to back winning 25-21, 25-15.
Coach Julie Oropeza is pleased that this group of girls finally looks like a well-organized team, saying, “They have worked very hard to improve defensively, and with each game it shows. We are also, now, able to control our game offensively as well. I am so excited to see the continued progress for this group of girls.”

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Devine’s 7th Grade Volleyball Maroon and Gold Teams Split the Wins Against Uvalde’s A and B-Teams

Shana Beaty
Staff writer
On Monday, September 25th, Devine’s 7th grade Volleyball A-Team added another win to their record beating Uvalde in two consecutive sets, 25-16, 25-20 making their district record 5-0; and season record 7-1.

Coach Amber Aguilar was really proud of how aggressively the Fillys played against Uvalde saying, “Uvalde definitely gave us a challenge, but my girls held their own because my team is good at handling pressure.” Aguilar also shared her feelings regarding their level of play and how her girls are really playing as a team. She stated, “These girls are going to do some great things in the near future and I can’t wait to see it!”
SERVICE POINTS: Emma McIver-8, Kalli Bedford-8, Karsyn Mann-5, Halli Carroll-4, Olivia Taylor-2, Reese Schueling-1
ACES: McIver-3, Bedford-3, Mann-1
ASSISTS: McIver-3, Taylor-1
ATTACKS: Dresden Talamantes-3, Hali Carroll-3, McIver and Bedford each w/1
KILLS: McIver-4, Carroll-3, Talamantes-2, Mann and Taylor each w/1
DIGS: McIver-4, Carroll-4, Talamantes-3, Schueling-3, Mann-2, Taylor and Jessa Mata each w/1
Devine Middle School’s 7th Volleyball B-Team lost to Uvalde in 3 sets, 14-25, 25-16, 10-15. Coach Amber Aguilar can’t say enough about how much her B-Team is improving with each game they play, stating, “This group of girls has so much desire to get better and that’s what I want for them. And they ARE getting better, and gaining some confidence. It’s important that their skills improve, but it’s also important to me that they have a positive experience. They are improving every day and I’m proud of their efforts.”
SERVICE POINTS: Mallory Geries-8, Maya McElwee-7, Mila Sorrell-5, Nyla Jackson-1
ACES: Sorrell-2, McElwee-1
ATTACKS: Nayeli Munoz-1
KILLS: Presley Freeburn-1, Jackson-1, Geries-1, Kaytie Klein-1
BLOCKS: none
DIGS: Klein-1
District Record: 1-4

8th Grade Fillys Earn Another Win in District

8th Grade #11 Leslie Perez sends one over the net as teamates look on.

Shana Beaty
Staff writer
The Devine Filly 8th grade volleyball A-team played against Pearsall to win an exciting game improving their district record to 3-1, and 5-2 for the season. The Fillys beat the Pearsall Dogies playing 3 sets to win 25-15, then losing 26-28, and then claiming their victory in the third game, 25-19. Coach Julie Oropeza said, “This game was certainly not our best, but these girls weathered the storm and came through with the win.

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Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer
Warhorse Nation got to get their Halloween brooms out early last Thursday and Friday as all four Devine football teams captured not only a district championship, but UNDEFEATED DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIPS as well with each of their victories this past week.
The 7th grade Colts got the first one with their win over Pearsall, while the 8th grade Colts wrapped up DC #2 a short while later with their 14-8 win.
The JV destroyed Pearsall 47-6 to get #3, while everyone patiently waited for the outcome of the varsity’s district championship deciding game Friday night in Pearsall.
Devine defeated the Mavericks 29-22 to give Warhorse Nation its fourth championship in a matter of 26 hours.
Not only did Devine sweep their District 14-4A competition, they did not drop a single ball game at any level as the varsity finished 4-0, while the JV, 7th grade, and 8th grade all finished league action with a spotless 3-0 record.
“Man what a great season for our football program!” said an understandably excited Head Coach Paul Gomez. “Our 7th grade is undefeated so far with an 8-0 record and were District Champs. Our 8th grade is 7-1 and District Champs, our JV went 9-1 and were District Champs as well, and finally our Varsity goes 9-1 for the year with a District Championship Trophy and an opportunity to advance in the playoffs! This is just an awesome achievement for the program. A clean sweep in all levels in the district! I’m so proud of all of our players from 7th grade all the way up to our varsity! What a great accomplishment! Now it’s playoff time for our varsity and our 7th and 8th grade teams have one more game vs Comfort. So, football season is still alive and exciting in Devine, Texas!”
Congratulations to all 174 Warhorse and Colt players and coaches on each of your District Championships!
Wero Torres, Sam Guardiola, Ethan Santos, Caden Handon, Gabe Esquibel, Aaron Saenz, Nate Ramirez, Brandon Martinez, Marcus Rodriguez, Luke Friesenhahn, Aiden Zapata, Nicholas Ortiz, Karter Brown, Ethan Matinez, Ayden Leal, Brayden Reyes, Aaron Bonilla, Eli Contreras, Ozzie Garcia, Edward Perez, Seth DeLeon, Logan Camarillo, Edwardo Gonzales, Lalo Hernandez, Derek Traylor, George Saenz, Kolt Hackebeil, Zach Martinez, Wyatt LaFond, Trystan LaFond, Corey Dirck, Gordon Stolman, Joseph Rojas, Jackson Hagdorn, Matthew Gomez, Oscar Gelacio. Coaches: Paul Gomez, Evan Eads, Shayne Gallegos, Devin Rotramel, Heath Poppe, Bart Oropeza, Joseph Sadler, Lon Cozby, Jacob Sanchez, Zach Valenzuela, Steven Estrada.
Mason Beaver, Anthony Saldivar, Ty Sadler, Teotimo Stafford, Ryan Weinkam, Ray’sean Beaver, Jameson Ramirez, Mario Vicente, Bo Wheeler, Ivan Mendoza, Alfredo Ramirez, Jaythn Rosales, Jacob Rodriguez, Jeremy Steinbrunner, Jonathan Morales, Christian Monreal, Aiden Salazar, Lucas Rodriguez, Nick Macias, Eddie Martinez, Gavin Socarras, Riley Gutierrez, Emmanuel Schofield, Henry Ramirez, Richard Hernandez, Wyatt Stevens, TJ Buvinghausen, Luis Jimenez, Adam Guerrero, Joselyn Jimenez, Gilbert Soto, Derek Traylor, Christopher Sanchez, Ethan Appling, Sam Diaz, Christian San Miguel, Lucas Hicks-Hernandez, Nate Martinez, Joel Rios, Tate Wisenbaker, Tyler Hinnant, Sam Morales. Coaches: Poppe, Oropeza, Cozby, Sancez, Estrada.
8th Colts
Junior Williams, Mike Rodriguez, Zac Guerra, Cole Reyes, Jesus Cisneros, Jaden Rodriguez, Jett Toner, Alejandro Ramirez, Shawn Lowe, Rowdy Esparza, Gaige Whitaker, Carlos Talamantes IV, Esai Sanchez, Cason Davis Jack Rumfield, Jacob Mares, Cisco Rios, Christian Beaver, Aiden Del Rio, Becker Byrd, Damon Johnson Jr., Rylan Cortinez, Andres Padilla Jr., Christian Ross, RJ De La O, Sergio De Leon, Alex Molina, Christian Gutierrez, Gloriana Jimenez, Andres Hernandez, Amari Harvey, Angel Castillo, Matthew Grissom, Jordan Rosas, Nathaniel Bailey, Claleb Herrera, Jacob McKee, Ayden Martinez, Dresden Snider, Cameryon Copeland, Bryson Robison. Coaches: Cozby, Sanchez, Valenzuela, Estrada.
7th Colts
Enoch Hall, Cory Williams, Nathan Saldivar, Caleb Maxwell, Jayden Rivas, Alejandro Lopez Jr, Zane Fritz, Brian Belor, MJ Lawler, Brody Lane, Kaleb Oropeza, Austin Smith, Conner Guzman, Eli Valles, Braden Mann, Tai Moss, Eugene Sanchez Jr., Jacob Casias, Jaykob Reynolds, Eli Martinez, Colt Smith, Landon Cheshire, Nicholas Martinez, Jacob Camacho, Asher Mills, Cord Lassere, Billy Shuler, Erick Rios, Colt Flroes, Ceasar De La O, Mason King, Payton Hester, Logan Duncan, Ivan Iglesias, Canton Urrabazo, Aiden Martinez, Kolter Parker, Nickalus Vasquez, Jaxon Ehlinger, Kaleb Del Rio, Duke Wheeler, Ryan Botello, Damian Hernandez, Marcus Gomez, Dylan Hinnant. Coaches: Cozby, Sanchez, Valenzuela, Estrada.