PUBLIC HEARING –Vacate & Replat

Medina County Commissioners’ Court will conduct a public hearing on Thursday October 5, 2023 at 10:00 a.m., in the Commissioners Courtroom, 1300 Avenue M, Room 165, Hondo, TX to allow the public to discuss the application to vacate and replat Lot 51 of Lytle Ranch Subdivision, Unit 1; Located in Precinct 4 off of County Road 6816.

Jennifer Adlong
Administrative Assistant

Publish: September 13, 20 & 27, 2023

PUBLIC HEARING –Vacate & Replat

Medina County Commissioners’ Court will conduct a public hearing on Thursday October 5, 2023 at 10:00 a.m., in the Commissioners Courtroom, 1300 Avenue M, Room 165, Hondo, TX to allow the public to discuss the application to vacate and replat a portion of Lot 9-A of San Antonio Trust Subdivision; Located in Precinct 2 off of County Road 6710.

Jennifer Adlong
Administrative Assistant

Publish: September 20, 27 & October 4, 2023

Weather service: “Bitter cold” ahead, 4 nights below freezing
As low as 3 degrees with windchill

Make sure to get your pipes wrapped, and bring the animals indoors. As of this Tuesday, the National Weather Service forecast is showing a low of 19 degrees Thursday night, 18 Friday night, and 23 degrees Saturday night, and 29 Sunday night. It could feel like 3-10 degrees with the windchill Thursday night going into the early hours of Friday morning according to NWS warnings.

The National Weather Service is predicting four nights of below freezing temperatures for our area starting this Thursday and continuing through Sunday night. Thankfully, it is expected to warm up during the daytime, so there will be a little relief in that, officials hope.
Thursday night, the forecast is projecting lows of 19 degrees along with winds up to 15-35MPH. With the wind chill, this could create temperatures coming into Friday morning that feel more like 3 to 10 degrees according to a NWS.
Friday night, the forecast shows a low of 18 degrees, with winds 5 MPH.
Saturday lows of 23 degrees, and Sunday (Christmas night) lows of 29 degrees.
Local officials urge residents to be prepared. The Red Cross recommends having one gallon of water per person, per day, on hand. They also recommend having easy to prepare food that does not require electricity to cook such as bread, peanut butter and jelly, or canned meat.
If you do experience an outage, don’t panic, officials say. They would like to remind residents that if you experience an outage, it’s not always the grid overloading. High winds, for example, are also a big cause of outages.
NWS Forecast as of Tuesday night:
Wednesday Night-Mostly clear, with a low around 42. South wind around 5 mph becoming calm.
Thursday-Sunny, with a high near 67. Breezy, with a light and variable wind becoming north 20 to 25 mph in the morning.
Thursday Night-Clear, with a low around 19. Blustery, with a north wind 15 to 25 mph, with gusts as high as 35 mph.
Friday-Sunny, with a high near 37. North wind 5 to 15 mph, with gusts as high as 20 mph.
Friday Night-Mostly clear, with a low around 18. North northeast wind around 5 mph.
Saturday-Sunny, with a high near 42. North northeast wind around 5 mph.
Saturday Night-Mostly clear, with a low around 23. Northeast wind around 5 mph becoming calm.
Christmas Day-Sunny, with a high near 50.
Sunday NightMostly clear, with a low around 29.
Monday-Sunny, with a high near 59.
Monday NightMostly clear, with a low around 35.
TuesdaySunny, with a high near 61.

Wanted Arsonist(s) -Fires started in 7 towns in Medina County 

   August 11, 2022 – The Medina County Sheriff’s Office is asking for your assistance in identifying a person/persons responsible for multiple fires that have been started in the last 48 hours. 

“The fires have been started along our rural roadways, in the Castroville, Mico, Dunlay, Quihi, New Fountain, Hondo, and D’Hanis areas,” said Keith Lutz, MC Emergency Management Coordinator in an I-Info press release.

“Please report any tips or suspicious activity to the Medina County Sheriff’s Office dispatch at 830-741-6153, Medina County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-FOR-CUFF, or dial 911.”

Attention Farmers:  BMA sets earlier cut-off date for water orders… Sept. 15

By Anton Riecher

Customers who purchased allotments for agricultural irrigation with the Bexar-Medina-Atascosa Counties Water Control and Improvement District No. 1 have until Sept. 15 to submit orders water for the remainder of the year, BMA field manager Brian Sullivan said.

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Failure to post addresses at homes continues hindering emergency response in our area

By Anton Riecher
Failure by residents to post address numbers on either their homes or mail boxes continues to hinder emergency responders trying to find rural locations in the shortest time possible, Allegiance Mobile Health District Chief Patrick Bourcier said.

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A pressing issue….
Correction and more info on fire protection in Devine area

Correction and more info on fire protection in Devine area

Devine VFD’s tender truck (which hauls a majority of the water to the scene of fires) is broken down, beyond repair. It’s a pressing issue for the City of Devine and rural Devine community.
“Our other trucks, the fire engines, can carry 1,500 gallons of water, but on a house fire, that literally lasts about three minutes,” Chief Atkinson said. “If we have two engines there, that’s about six minutes that we have water to fight a fire. Whereas if we have a tender truck, it hauls around 3,000 gallons to the scene and goes back and forth to supply water to our engines as we fight a fire.
A new tender truck is estimated to cost between $350,000 and $500,000. Right now, Devine Volunteer Fire Department is relying on mutual aide to bring their tender trucks from other cities when a working fire hydrant is not available or there is a fire outside City limits where there are no hydrants.
“Our ESD is great and they can budget for the purchase of a tender truck in the future, but that might take a couple of years, and then once it’s ordered, it takes another year to build it. There aren’t a lot of good used tender trucks for sale, because fire departments tend to hang onto them as long as they can. So we are looking into grants, and we are speaking to city and county leaders as well, to see if they want to pitch in to make this happen sooner,” Chief Atkinson said.

There was a misunderstanding in the headline of the article about fire hydrant testing in Devine last week. According to Fire Chief Greg Atkinson, 1 out of every 7 tested was not functional, a concerning trend, but not as drastic as the numbers reported last week which we had gotten backwards.
There are 125 fire hydrants in the City of Devine in all, and about 50% of them have been tested so far. With one in seven not working, and fire hydrants not being placed every 1,000 feet as recommended, the tender truck is important for fighting fires in city limits as well.
“They are already not spaced out at 1,000 feet (which is the length of hoses), so if you have a fire hydrant not working at the scene of a fire on top of that, then you’re really in trouble,” Atkinson said. “So far, we’ve not had that situation happen yet in the short time I’ve been here. We’ve been very lucky. And we are also fortunate to have area departments willing to provide mutual aide with their tender trucks, but there are times when you have a fire in your own community and you aren’t able to provide mutual aide.”

By Kayleen Holder

Public Notices 2-28-18


Notice is hereby given that original Letters Testamentary for the Estate of Daniel W. Heyne, III, Deceased, were issued on February 20, 2018, under Docket No. 9009, pending in the County Court at Law of Medina County, Texas, to: David Richard Heyne.

Claims may be presented in care of the attorney for the Estate, addressed as follows:

David Richard Heyne, Independent Executor
Estate of Daniel W. Heyne, III, Deceased
c/o Wm. T. Tschirhart, Jr.
Attorney at Law, P.C.
1313 Lorenzo St., No. 1
Castroville, Texas 78009

All persons having claims against this Estate, which is currently being administered, are required to present them within the time and in the manner prescribed by law.

Dated this 20th day of February, 2018.

By: Wm. T. Tschirhart, Jr.
Attorney for Executor


Public Auction

March 8, 2018 at 10:00 am

Mike’s Garage

165 CR 761, Devine Tx 78016

1978 MH VIN/M5ODA8T513289

1998 Chevy VIN/2GCEC19M2W1259241

1997 Ford VIN/IFTDXI7W8VKC32595

2000 Dodge VIN/IP3ES46C8YD824776

1998 Jeep VIN/IJ4GZ58S7WC153518

1996 Toyota VIN/4T1BFI2B3TU124235

2006 Pontiac VIN/5Y25L65836Z413892

2003 Toyota VIN/JTEGF21A330104563

2006 Ford VIN/1FAFP53UX6A148263

1997 Chevy VIN/1GBFG15RXV1O15565

2001 Chevy VIN/3GNEC16T71G218851

1998 Audi Gray VIN/WAUED28D5WA134239

2012 Toyota VIN/5TFHW5F14CX217142

2001 GMC VIN/IGTHK23UO1F157646





WHEREAS, the Public Funds Investment Act codified in Government Code Chapter 2256 governs local government investment; and

WHEREAS, the Public Fund Investment Act (Section 2256.005(f)) and the city’s Investment Policy, require the investment officer to perform certain duties and report regularly to the City Counci8l on the investment program,


That the City has compiled with the requirements of the Public Funds Investment Act and the City’s Investment Policy and designates the following individuals to serve as Investment Officer of the City:

Dora V. Rodriguez

Denise Duffy

Mary E. Badillo

To be responsible for the investment of its funds consistent with policy. The Investment Officers are authorized to deposit, withdraw, transfer, open investment accounts, and manage the funds while exercising the judgment and care, under circumstances then prevailing, that a prudent person would exercise in the management of the person’s own affairs and to perform all the requirements of the Act.

AND, the Council recognize that the Council retains the ultimate responsibility as fiduciaries of the assets of the city (Section 2256.005(f)).

PASSED, APPROVED AND ADOPTED at the regular meeting of the Devine City Council held on the 20th day of February, 2018.




Public Notices 2-21-18



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that by virtue of a certain Order of Sale issued out of the honorable 38th District Court of Medina County, Texas on the 6th day of December, 2017, under Cause Number: 17-07-24293-CV, to sell the below listed property under execution in satisfaction of the judgment recovered by Ovation Services, LLC against Elida Lascano on November 16th, 2017, in the 38h Judicial District court in and for Medina County, Texas, which judgment was for Eighteen Thousand, Four Hundred Forty Five Dollars and Forty Three Cents ($18,445.43) plus penalties and interest of the lesser of 14% per annum or the maximum rate, allowed by law that has accrued from November 30th, 2017; Four Hundred Eighty Nine Dollar and Twenty Five Cents ($489.25) costs of court and whereas, the said judgment is a foreclosure of a tax lien on the below described property. I, Randy Brown as Sheriff of medina County, Texas, did, on the 30th day of January, 2018, levy on certain Real Estate, situated in Medina County, Texas described as follows, to wit: COMMONLY KNOWN AS 514 TEEL DR. S, DEVINE, TX 78016; AND MORE PARTICULARLY DESCRIBED AS TAX ACCOUNTS: 0A0069-00015-00000-02099 ALL THAT CERTAIN TRACT OR PARCEL OF LAND DESCRIBED AS BEING 592/1000 ACRES OUT OF N.C.B. 98A, CITY OF DEVINE, MEDINA COUNTY, TEXAS, AS MORE PARTICULARLY DESCRIBED BY METES AND BOUNDS IN WARRANTY DEED RECORDED UNDER DOCUMENT NO. 51075 IN THE OFFICIAL PUBLIC RECORDS OF MEDINA COUNTY, TEXAS, SAVE AND EXCEPT THAT PORTION OF LLAND DESCRIBED IN WARRANTY DEED RECORDED UNDER DOCUMENT NO. 87212 IN THE OFFICIAL PUBLIC RECORDS OF MEDINA COUNTY, TEXAS. And levied on said property as that of Elida Lascano and that on the first Tuesday on March 6th, 2018 the same being the first Tuesday of said month, at the Court House door, of Medina County, in the City of Hondo, Texas, between the hours of 10 A.M. and 4 P.M., by virtue of said levy and said Order of Sale. I will offer for sale and sell at public venue, for cash, to the highest bidder, all the right, title and interest of the said property.
And in compliance with law, I give this notice by publication, in the English Language, once a week for three consecutive weeks immediately preceding, the said day of sale, in the Devine News, a newspaper published in Medina County.
Witness my hand, this 30th day of January, 2018.
Randy Brown, Sheriff
Medina County, Texas
By: Lee McVay #2940, Deputy