Live It and Not Just Hear It

An incident occurred recently at our Worship Service one Sunday morning that struck a certain chord in me and the result of that situation and my reaction to it caused the idea for this Tale to come about.
The Boss Lady and I were sitting there enjoying the singing and looking forward to the Message/Lesson when one of our Security Team Members touched me on the shoulder and said come with me. Now this Big Ole Boy is someone I think the world of, so I immediately jumped, or maybe more like stumbled up, and quickly followed him out.

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My husband used to say that he never saw a bunch of women, like his wife and daughters who could celebrate their birthdays quite as long as we did. Yes, even though my party was on the 30th, this past Tuesday, my sister and some friends and I went out for dinner for my birthday! We went to a local Mexican Restaurant; my friend had arranged ahead of time that “Happy Birthday” would be sung.

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The Best $5

When we started running low on candy as we helped stuff eggs for the Easter Bunny, we started getting creative.  I stuffed a few with blackberries and fishing lure plastic worms just for the heck of it. My little sister wasn’t amused, but hey, you never know how a kid’s gonna react. My son does love his fruit! But then we found grandpa’s coin bucket and started stuffing eggs with quarters as we know the kiddos love having quarters for the gumball machines in town.  Grandma threw quite a few one dollar dollars eggs too.

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A+ Bond Rating

There’s a lot to go over this week so first the good news.
For the first time in 20 years, the City of Devine has been assigned an A+ Bond Rating by S&P Global Ratings including a stable outlook for the future. Simply put, this allows the city to get better interest rates and funding opportunities for capital improvements, specifically our 2.5 million water storage tank by Warhorse Stadium.

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We may be a little bit lost be we are making Good Time!

For a very long time I have been friends with a fellow I will call Robert. He worked for many years in a large financial planning organization, before breaking off and starting his own firm. It is sort of a 1 person deal with a part-time administrative helper. Robert is one of us “LUCKY DUCKS” who married WAY up and his wonderful Bride had her own very successful career for many years before retiring not too long ago.

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Health Unit NewsWhat If You Only Have 10 Minutes…

Being prepared for emergencies is a favorite topic of mine. I can always find ways to be more prepared or imagine things that might happen. So, does that mean I spend my time thinking about the worst-case scenario? No, but it does require a little effort. So, when does it become a priority, or where does emergency preparedness get put in our risk level of things? Or, does it happen to other people and not me?

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Message from the Mayor

by Butch Cook, Mayor
City of Devine
MARCH 19, 2024
I’d like to focus this week on opening the lines of communication at city hall as I promised. Our Devine City Administrator David Jordan and his staff have recently added some additional communication resources, put in place for the City of Devine to keep citizens up-to-date as much as possible.
We now have added several more layers of communication which will be very useful in emergency situations as well as informational.

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