Warhorses fight hard

The Warhorses faced two extremely tough opponents last week and despite the losses, they fought hard and made the other teams work for the wins. They played Crystal City on December 29th and Comfort on December 30th. The game against Cotulla was canceled.
Devine slowly fell behind after being tied at the half 18-18. Crystal City was able to push through the Warhorse defense for the win in the second half of the game. “As a team we must get more consistent on defense and make rebounding a priority. Have to play great team ball on the offensive end and continue to work tirelessly to improve.” Coach Paul Wells
Points: Colin Dishman 2, Weston Byrd 6, Caden Hanson 3, Mathew Madrid 2, Justin Contreras 19, ,Mason Burford 8, Xavier Contreras 2. Rebounds: Dishman 9, Hanson 2, Aiden Zapata 1, Madrid 7, J. Contreras 10, Burford 3, Peyton Carr 2, X. Contreras 4. Assists: Dishman 2, Madrid 1, J. Contreras 5, Burford 2, X. Contreras 1. Blocks: J. Contreras 1. Q1 11-10, Q2 18-18, Q3 32-33, Q4 42-28. FTP 50%.
The Warhorses faced Comfort on December 30th. Comfort came out strong and quickly took the lead in the first at 8-24. Devine slowly closed the gap but could not come back from such a deficit. Comfort won 66-49.
Points: Dishman 2, Weston Byrd 7, Hanson 11, J. Contreras 15, Burford 6, Carr 8. Rebounds: Dishman 8, Byrd 2, Hanson 2, Zapata 1, Madrid 2, J. Contreras 5, Burford 2, Carr 4, X. Contreras 2. Assists: Byrd 1, Zapata 1, Alverez 1, J. Contreras 5, Burford 1. Steals: Dishman 2, Byrd 1, Hanson 2, Zapata 2, J. Contreras 3. Blocks: Dishman 1, J. Contreras 1. Q1 8-24, Q2 21-37, Q3 32-51, Q4 49-66. FTP 65%.
The Warhorses will play at home against Carrizo Springs Friday night and then open district against Somerset on Tuesday.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer