Arabians face Boerne and Pearsall

The Arabians moved to 8-5 after facing Boerne and Pearsall last week. Devine will be off until December 29th when we play in Hondo at 11:30 am following the JV at 10:00 am.
“I thought we did some really good things in the Boerne game despite the loss. We did a good job of handling their press early in the game. We did a good job of taking care of the ball and getting shots, we just didn’t shoot it well in this game. Defensively we are getting better, and we did a good job on the boards against the bigger Boerne team. We were able to mix up some defenses and we played hard on that end of the floor. We did struggle to keep them out of the paint some early on, but we did better in the second half. We were down 9 going into the 4th quarter, but we did a great job of fighting back to cut Boerne’s lead to 4, we just didn’t execute well and we turned the ball over too much late to be able to complete the comeback and we fell 48-53,” said Coach Sessions.
Points: Kendall Marek 2, Yessika Garza 5, Megan Runyan 13, Kadence Yeats 4, Maddie Mata 20, Ally Taylor 4. Rebounds: Brianna Bowyer 3, Marek 2, Garza 6, Runyan 6, Yeats 3, Mata 6, Taylor 7. Assists: Bowyer 1, Garza 1, Runyan 1, Mata 2. Steals: Garza 3, Yeats 2, Mata 5. Blocks: Garza 1. Q1 11-13, Q2 21-27, Q3 32-41, Q4 48-53. FTP 67%.
“We played well in our last game prior to the Christmas Break in the 57-22 win over Pearsall. We got off to a good start and we never looked back. We moved the ball well against Pearsall and we did a great job on the boards. Defensively we were able to create a lot of turnovers and got a lot of steals. We did a good job of scoring in our zone offense, in transition, and in our man sets as well. It was a great win to end the first half of the season,” said Coach Sessions.
Points: Marek 2, Garza 4, Runyan 15, Mata 20, Joselyn Guajardo 6, Taylor 10. Rebounds: Andrea Rios 1, Bowyer 3, Marek 4, Garza 5, Runyan 6, Yeats 4, Mata 9, Mackayla Schnautz 1, Taylor 4, Guajardo 1. Assists: Bowyer 2, Marek 1, Garza 1, Runyan 1, Mata 8, Schnautz 1, Guajardo 1. Steals: Rios 1, Marek 1, Garza 2, Garza 2, Runyan 5, Yeats 5, Mata 1, Taylor 2, Guajardo 1. Blocks: Yeats 1, Taylor 1. Q1 18-4, Q2 27-7, Q3 44-14, Q4 57-22.
Coach Jim Sessions