Team Tennis has record number of participants

There was a record 36 players who came out for Team Tennis this year.

Pictured above are Kate Finto, Amy Bailey, Laurel Spannagel, Malvin Flores, JoJo Villanueva, Danelly Rodriguez, Kylie Saunders, Brian Schaefer, Jacob Barron, Bella Elias, Johnathon Gelinas, Jake Harrell, and Mason Zenon. Seated are Brooke Runyan and Juan Lopez.

Pictured are Noah Davila, Bella Elias, Andrew Kohlleppel, Cali Gierisch, Brent Wilcox, Juan Carlos Zamora, Victoria Nunez, Karma Herring, Clayton Brown, Aidan Hildenbrand, Corwin Flores, Damian Araujo, Kayley Carrillo, Abbie Dominguez, Heavenly Torres, and Martha Tovar.