One Act Play snags seven district and bi-district awards

Devine High School One Act Play was presented at the district meet last week and earned multiple awards. Among the District awards were Outstanding Crew Shelby Joslin, Honorable Mention Austin Reyes, All Star Cast Mikaela Johnson and Bailey Kendrick and Outstanding Performer Jordan Angulo. The Bi-District awards included Outstanding Tech Jonathan Guardiola, Honorable Mention Bailey Kendrick and All Star Cast Mikaela Johnson.
Members of the presentation included Austin Reyes, Bailey Kendrick, Mikaela Johnson, Shelby Joslin, Cynthia Maldonado, Kayley Carrio, David Hopkins, Jacob Hicks, Jonathan Guardiola, Jordan Angulo, Gabe Napier, Faith martin, Abraham Taitano, Cyrstal Martinez, Catelyn Flores, Trinity Spurgers and Director Patti Taitano.