JV Warhorses end year with two wins

The JV Warhorses added two more big wins to their season last week. They faced Comfort after a week off and then Crystal City on Thursday. Now with a 7-3 record, the JV Warhorses will face Carrizo Springs in Devine this Friday night and their first district game on Tuesday against Somerset.
Taking the first quarter against Crystal City 18-8, the offense slowed down but the defense picked it up to win the game for the Warhorses on December 20th. “I am always nervous for road games. I’m worried we wont shoot well and not get calls, but we started off great. We cooled off after a 18-8 first quarter, but our defense made enough stops for us to hold onto the win.” Coach Eads
Angel Espinosa 6, Juan Billalobos 8, Rylan Mata 8, Brandon Martinez 6, Cody Trammel 14, Jacob Antu 9. FTP 56%. Q1 14-15, Q2 29-22, Q3 41-36, Q4 51-44
Facing Comfort on December 30th, the Warhorses were a little sluggish in the first quarter but came to life in the second to take the lead and the win. They outshot Comfort in the last three quarters with points coming from all over the court. “Our kids were excited to compete against one of our old district rivals. We handled the trap defense from Crystal City very well. Our points can come from any of the players which makes us a good team.” Coach Evan Eads
Espinosa 6, Billalobos 6, Mata 4, Martinez 6, Trammel 15, Antu 5, Logan Camarillo 4. FTP 43%. Q1 18-8, Q2 26-20, Q3 34-32, Q4 44-42.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer