Freshman Warhorses take down two

I was really anxious to see how the team would respond from a long layoff, and not playing our type of basketball versus Bandera the last time out. Crystal City is always a tough challenge. The team started off slow, but turned it on after halftime. Ethan Santos, Sam Guardiola, and Jonathan Weinkam provided most of the scoring punch in route to our 52-38 victory.
Quenton Sanders 2, Guardiola 15, Weinkam 8, Josiah Martinez 3, Makhi Burford 4, Jose Morales 2, Santos 18. Q1 11-12, Q2 21-19, Q3 40-30, Q4 52-38. FTP 71%.
Against Comfort we were limited to only 7 players due to holiday obligations and injury. Those seven players surprised me tremendously with how much aggression and energy they started the game with. Ethan Santos set the tone with his slashing and finishing ability. We also got players like Jose Morales, Makhi Burford, Shayne Scarbrough, Quenton Sanders to make open three point shots. Joisah Martinez did an excellent job on boxing out and rebounding, and Sam Guardiola ran the point guard position with a lot of poise. I am very proud of the 7 and 8 players that stepped up during the holidays being that we were short handed. Our record is 11-1 heading into the week where we play at Uvalde and home vs. Carrizo Springs. It’s been a great ride so far, but we have yet to reach our destination.
Sanders 9, Guardiola 6, Jordon Roberts 3, J. Martinez 2, Burford 6, Morales 8, Santos 18. Q1 19-4. Q2 34-15, Q3 45-26, Q4 49-40. FTP 55%.
The Warhorses will face Carrizo Springs Friday night at home and then open district Tuesday in Somerset with games starting at 5:00 pm.
Coach Quenton Sanders