Former Warhorse Evan Eads takes reign of boys’ basketball program

Evan Eads was officially promoted to head coach for the Warhorse basketball program at the last Devine ISD school board meeting. Eads, a Devine 2000 graduate, takes over the program from PJ Wells who stepped down from that position.
Eads received his Kinesiology degree from St. Mary’s University in 2004 and shortly thereafter began student teaching at Devine Middle School under former principal Richard Malone. While student teaching, Eads volunteered to help coach the Colt basketball teams on his own time after school. The dedication he demonstrated as a “student-teacher” paid off as he has now rolled into his 17th year with the district.
“Being an ex-Warhorse is what made me want to become a coach,” Eads stated about where his decision regarding his career choice first developed. “Early in my career, working with several of same coaches that I also played for helped shape my philosophy that I take into my first head coaching job. The coaches I assisted gave me leadership roles that allowed me to learn a great deal. For that, I am very grateful.”
Although Eads has yet to meet formally with returning players for the 2021-2022 season, he quickly put together a summer league that begins June 8 in Devine.
Offensively, he looks for his squad to take the best possible shot available and to improve making those same shots, while increasing their basketball I.Q. during the four-night, eight game league.
Defensively, Eads has always had a knack for putting players in the right position to defend opposing offensive schemes. That “knack” came from hours of watching film breaking down opponent tendencies. He wants defensive aggressiveness and sustained-intensity in order to outwork the other team’s offense.
Development of players is primarily what summer leagues of any sport likes to accomplish. Eads understands there is more to becoming a successful team, or program, than simply putting good players on the floor.
“Yes, the league is set up to get all or most of the team to come in and get some games played, but our main goal is to have time for relationship-building,” Eads stated. “The summer is a great time to build on not only skill, but the intangibles needed for a successful season.”
Eads alluded to the summer strength and conditioning program hosted by current Devine coaches that also helps all athletes regardless of sport build skill, and relationships with those they go to battle with, and for.
“Devine’s entire coaching staff is dedicated to making sure our kids have the best opportunity for success, no matter the sport,” continued Eads who doubles as varsity football linebackers coach, and freshman offensive coordinator. “I look forward to building relationships with our athletes, coaches, parents, and community members to ensure the proper groundwork for a successful basketball program.”
Warhorse basketball remains in good hands. Eads has always been a dedicated man to his profession and to his colleagues. Everyone is ecstatic that he gets the opportunity to put his stamp on the program for which he used to suit up.
“The opportunity to steer Devine’s basketball program that will allow athletes to overachieve their goals, and the opportunity to make lifelong relationships with athletes and other coaches” is what Eads looks forward to the most. “Words cannot express the honor I feel to take the helm here in Devine. I understand that Devine’s community expects their teams to work hard and to overachieve, and that is what I plan on happening.”
Eads and his wife Cassandra have one daughter, Esme Evan Eads (a.k.a. “Pepper” and “Triple-E”).
Shout outs
While in high school, Eads played for Bruce King and Jon Allen. Allen was still the head coach when Eads began his coaching career and tabbed him to be his freshman basketball coach.
After I assumed the head coaching position, Eads was promoted to JV coach and eventually given complete control over varsity defensive game plans.
“It was a long time coming and I know he will do a great job for Devine,” Allen stated while King said it was “a great choice for the Warhorses!”
Personally, I am proud of Evan for staying true to his hometown and to his alma mater. He could have left several times to pursue a head coaching job elsewhere, but Devine is where he wants to be and he busted his tail to make his dream come true.
Head coaches need loyal assistants, and there has not been one more loyal during their professional careers than Eads. He gave his best to Allen, Wells, and me and now he gets his opportunity to lead his own program.
Congratulations, Double-E, and best of luck!
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer