Devine Elementary and Intermediate place at District UIL meet

The Devine Elementary and Intermediate Schools participated in the District UIL Meet the first week of December. Devine Elementary and Intermediate took the gold overall at the UIL meet this year.
“We took 1st place by a landslide,” said co-UIL coordinator Melody Shultz Riou. “We scored 629, and second place was Pearsall with 273; 3rd place was Hondo with 249, Carrizo Springs scored 218, and Crystal City 109.”
Below are the participants and places they received:

The 2nd grade UIL team.

Art Smart
4th Grade – Emma Gonzales 4th, Kenzie Ray 5th, Alt. Colt Smith Best Alternate, also competing Mackenzie Ramirez.
5th Grade – Kyra Pompa 2nd, Paige Barron 4th, Jaylin Corral 6th, also competing Alt. Zoe Byers.
Creative Writing
2nd Grade – Noah Riou 1st, Elena House 4th, also competing Joseph Chacon and Alt. Allison Balencia.
Dictionary Skills
5th Grade – Paige Barron 1st, Melenie Cardenas 2nd, Calleigh Schneider 5th, Alt. Christian Beaver Best Alternate.
Music Memory
2nd Grade – Madison Cross 1st, Kamden Paige 1st, and Abraham Hernandez 1st, Alt. Lillian Garrison Best Alternate.
3rd Grade – Megan Miles 1st, Reese Schueling 2nd, Lilliana Cardenas 3rd, Alt. George Villa Best Alternate.
4th Grade – Jacob Casias 1st, Landon Kendrick 3rd, Nevaeh Robinett 4th.
5th Grade – Jacob Riou 1st, Elliana Ruesch 3rd, Alt. Harmonia Juarez Best Alternate, also competing Kylie Monreal.

The 3rd grade UIL team.

Maps, Graphs, & Charts
5th Grade – Angeliana Rendon-Zapata 1st, Chester Darby 4th, Alt. Jaelyn Quintanilla Best Alternate, also competing Calleigh Schneider.
Number Sense
4th Grade – Zane Fritz 4th, Jon Wimett 5th, Alt. Jude Hennigar Best Alternate, also competing William Moss.
5th Grade – Kya Spurgers 2nd, Aaron Rendon 3rd, Melenie Cardenas 5th, Alt. Christian Beaver Best Alternate.
Oral Reading
4th Grade – Enoch Hall 1st, Reese Navarro 2nd, Alt. Emma Kate Caballero Best Alternate, also competing Morgan Coleman.
5th Grade – Kenzei Schott 3rd, Caroline Suhr 4th, also competing Khloe Solis and Alt. Leighton Martinez.

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Social Studies
5th Grade – Gaige Whitaker 2nd, McKailee Sorrell 5th, also competing Marshall James.
Ready Writing
3rd Grade – Rozlyn Courtade 1st, Alt. Reese Schueling Best Alternate, also competing Quinn Coleman and Steven Caballero.
4th Grade – Greeley Malone 1st, Emma Kate Caballero 6th, Mackenzie Hennessey 6th and Alt. Morgan Coleman Best Alternate.
5th Grade – Leighton Martinez 1st, Khloe Solis 3rd, Angeliana Rendon-Zapata 4th and Alt. Alejandro Ramirez.
3rd Grade – Olivia Taylor 2nd, Steven Caballero 5th, George Villa 6th, Alt. Maya McElwee Best Alternate.
4th Grade – Mackenzie Ramirez 5th, Kenzie Ray 6th, Alt. Body Lane Best Alternate, also competing Martin Lawler.
5th Grade – Angelina Rendon-Zapata 3rd, Esai Sanchez 5th, Brooke DuBose 6th, Alt. Oliver Macias Best Alternate.

The 4th grade UIL team.

2nd Grade – Cole Maxwell 1st, Emily Cashion 2nd, Joseph Chacon 3rd, Alt. Madison Cross Best Alternate.
3rd Grade – Roxlynn Courtade 1st, Mary Rose Rendon-Zapata 5th, also competing Vida Solis and Alt. Madison Tupper.
Chess Puzzles
2nd Grade – Ty Stehle 1st, Madison Cross 2nd, Aaron Esquivel 3rd, also competing Alt. Kamden Paige.
3rd Grade – George Villa 2nd, Karoline Reichel 4th, Alt. Joe Balderrama Best Alternate, also competing Collier Paige.
4th Grade – Canton Urrabazo 1st, also competing Veralee Martinez, Carlos Garcia, Alt. William Moss.
5th Grade – Matthew Grissom 3rd, Alexander Herrera 4th, also competing Christopher Thomas and Alt. Larry Martinez.
5th Grade – Marshall James 1st, Angie Rendon-Zapata 2nd, Alt. Jacob McKee Best Alternate, also competing Briana Balderrama

The 5th grade UIL team.