DMS takes 10th straight UIL sweepstakes win

On December 6th the academic scholars of Devine Middle School competed in the District 29-AAAA Academic Meet in Hondo. DMS was able to continue its district championship winning streak by extending it to 10 straight UIL Academic Sweepstakes wins. The following are the final point totals for the meet: Devine 954.5, Carrizo Springs 555, Hondo 537.8, Pearsall 384, and Crystal City 310.6.
“I am so proud of our students and sponsors for this great achievement, which took many early mornings, missed lunches and countless other hours to accomplish. Thanks to all the teachers, staff, and administrators at DMS that take part in educating our students,” said Greg Geries, DMS UIL Academic Coordinator.

The 6th grade UIL team.

Here is a list of the students that placed at the meet:
Art Picture Memory-Mrs. Nelson
6th Grade-2nd Place Karson Ray, 1st Place Miranda Guerrero
7th Grade-3rd Place Ruger Cote, 1st Place Hannah Brumage
8th Grade-5th Place Riley Ramirez, 4th Place Hillary Barnett, 1st Place Eva Ozer
Calculator-Mrs. Toalson
6th Grade-6th Place Kenadi Marek, 3rd Place Tyler Hinnant
7th Grade-Best Alternate Roxie Mckee, 6th Place Kourtni Geyer, 4th Place Cassidy Garza, 1st Place Mariah Carrillo
8th Grade-5th Place Katelyn Dinwiddie, 2nd Place Catelyn Flores
Chess-Mrs. Sisneros
6th Grade-2nd Place Zach Martinez, 1st Place Curtis Kuykendall
7th Grade-Best Alternate Dustin Beamish, Tied for 2nd Place Felix Mendoza, Tied for 2nd Place Michael Biediger
8th Grade-Best Alternate Roger Casias, Eli James 5th Place, 3rd Place Brody Radicke, 2nd Place Diego Mendoza
Dictionary Skills-Mrs. Nelson
6th Grade-3rd Place Robert Herrera, 1st Place Mason Beaver
7th Grade-3rd Place Maude Cortez, 1st Place Hannah Brumage
8th Grade-4th Place Eva Ozer
Editorial Writing-Mrs. Oropeza
6th Grade-6th Place Maverick Beaty, 4th Place Rachel Stotts, 2nd Place Mason Beaver
7th Grade-6th Place Brooke Thompson, 2nd Place Brooke Walters, 1st Place McKinze Savage
8th Grade-2nd Place Rylee Esquibel, 1st Place Denise Contreras

The 7th grade UIL team.

Impromptu Speaking-Mrs. Freas
6th Grade-Best Alternate Ray’Sean Beaver, 6th Place Macie Grubb, 4th Place Emilee Martinez
7th Grade-5th Place Taylor Hurst, 3rd Place Brianna Schaefer
8th Grade-2nd Place Eli James, 1st Place Kaitlyn Joslin
Listening Skills-Mrs. Graf
6th Grade-Best Alternate Ethan Dye, 3rd Place Curtis Kuykendall
7th Grade-2nd Place Isaiah Camacho
8th Grade-Best Alternate Rylee Esquibel, 3rd Place Kaylee Romano
Maps, Graphs, Charts-Mr. Geries
6th Grade-4th Place Gage Allen, 2nd Place Angel Mason, 1st Place Ethan Dye
7th Grade-4th Place Griffin Wagoner, 2nd Place Brooke Thompson, 1st Place McKinze Savage
8th Grade-Best Alternate Cynthia Maldonado, 2nd Place Katelyn Joslin, 1st Place Lennon Herring

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Math-Mr. Spencer
6th Grade-Tied for 6th Place Jeremy Steinbrener, 5th Place Ty Sadler
7th Grade-1st Place Carson Suhr
8th Grade-6th place Hillary Barnett, 4th Place Kelsey Dishman
Modern Oratory-Mrs. Sisneros
6th Grade-1st Place Gwyn Deleon
7th Grade-4th Place Kyra Olson, 1st Place Eli James
8th Grade-2nd Place Kaylee Romano, 1st Place David Hopkins
Music Memory-Mrs. Robles
6th Grade-Tied for 4th Place Lilyann Lawless,
Number Sense-Mrs. Toalson
6th Grade-Tied for 4th Place Mason Beaver, 1st Place Manuel Leal
7th Grade-3rd Place Roxie McKee, 2nd Place Carson Suhr
8th Grade-Tied for 6th Place Kelsey Dishman, 4th Place Hillary Barnett, 1st Place Eva Ozer
Oral Reading-Mrs. Freas
6th Grade-Best Alternate Melia Hinojosa, 6th Place Isabella Flores, 3rd Place Payton Applewhite
7th Grade-Best Alternate Kaitlyn Johnson,
8th Grade-3rd Place Brooklyn Miller, 1st Place Reese Duncan
Ready Writing-Mrs. Oropeza
6th Grade-6th Place Jaelyn DeLeon, 5th Place Rachel Stotts, 1st Place Brilee Carroll
7th Grade-3rd Place Brooke Thompson
8th Grade-3rd Place Denise Contreras

The 8th grade UIL team.

Science- Mrs.Wilkins
7th Grade-1st Place Brooke Walters
8th Grade-Tied for 4th Place David Hopkins
Spelling-Mrs. Graf
6th Grade-5th Place Mason Saunders, 2nd Place Grady Johns, 1st Place Karsen Ray
7th Grade-1st Place Mia Chacon
8th Grade-Best Alternate Victor Schaefer, 2nd Place Lennon Herring
Social Studies-Mr. Geries
6th Grade-6th Place Curtis Kuykendall
7th Grade-4th Place Griffin Wagoner, 3rd Place Felix Mendoza, 1st Place McKinze Savage
8th Grade-6th Place Katelyn Joslin, 3rd Place Elijah Gomez, 1st Place Victor Schaefer

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