8th Grade Fillys Dominate Uvalde

8th Grade Middle Blocker A’Dell Holder and Sydney Solis go up for a block in a recent game against Pearsall.

Shana Beaty
Staff writer
The Devine Filly 8th grade A-team Volleyball girls played against Uvalde and won another district game improving their district record to 4-1, and 6-2 for the season. Devine beat Uvalde in two sets back to back winning 25-21, 25-15.
Coach Julie Oropeza is pleased that this group of girls finally looks like a well-organized team, saying, “They have worked very hard to improve defensively, and with each game it shows. We are also, now, able to control our game offensively as well. I am so excited to see the continued progress for this group of girls.”

ACES: Greeley Malon-4, Aaliyah Morales-2, Madalyn Hester-2, and Emma Gonzales and Kenzie Ray each w/1
ATTACKS: Payton Dixon-Davis-6, Leann Guemes-5, A’Dell Holder-5, Samantha Zamora-3, Karsyn Deleon-3, and Addison DuBose-2
KILLS: Dixon-Davis-3, Guemes-2, Holder-2, and Zamora, Deleon and DuBose each w/1
ASSISTS: Malone-1
BLOCKS: Dixon-Davis-1, Holder-1
DIGS: Malone-3, Gonzales-2, Ray-3, Morales-2, and Guemes, Madrid, Deleon and Hester each w/1
Devine’s 8th grade Filly Volleyball B-team won their fourth district game making their district record 4-1 as Devine went “head to head” with Pearsall defeating them in three hard-fought games, 25-16, 23-25, 15-6. Coach Oropeza is very proud of all the work they put in during practice and games. Oropeza stated, “This is a much improved group of girls. With each day, and each week that passes, my girls continue to look more like a well-rounded team. I am very proud of the results they are getting from all of the hard work they continue to do.”
ACES: Caitlin Gelinas-4, Mackenzie Hennessey-3, Bianca Mata-3, Paislee Freisenhahn-1
ATTACKS: Bianca Mata-3
KILLS: Mata-1
BLOCKS: Leslie Perez-1