41 days without rain… but one day closer

Special to the News
Forty one days without rain and counting..but with each passing day, we are one day closer.  Some of you scallawags aint prayin’ enough.
Got my Appraisal protest this Thursday.  Got a better chance of winning the Lottery than getting a break on my property appraisal.  But, I intend to have them get involved in a conversation about the increase of everything imaginable and the stagnant retirement checks that most of the retirees are getting.  
I guess we could lay around and claim to be unable to work.  That way, the government would just send us a check once a month and we could lay around and do nothing all day.  Or…you could just have more kids and add them to the welfare rolls and get an increase every time you have another kid.  Don’t work for most retirees…  
Thanks to Gov. Abbott for signing the tax relief bill that increases the Homestead Exemption from $50,000 to $100,000.  Big woop (no offense to the Aggies), my Appraisal went up $98,000 this year.  This increase will be eaten up in a couple years and he knows it will have a short-lived effect.  We need to overhaul the Appraisal system before we are taxed out into the streets.
Social Security increases are way behind the rate of inflation and these checks do not go very far.  At the rate that the politicians steal from SS, it will be a thing of the past in the near future.  On top of that, the US credit rating was downgraded as the US debt continues to skyrocket…guess that is Bidenomics hard at work.  We need to get rid of him and his cronies.
Election season is fast approaching…local offices are going to be contested for sure.  This election cycle, we need to show up in force if you want a change.  If not, guess we better learn to speak a foreign language or carry our money around in a wheelbarrow. Don’t do this to your grandchildren.
Couple weeks ago, ex-County Judge Schuchart called and wanted to have breakfast in Devine.  He asked if I wanted to ride with him to Frio Town so that he could turn on a well and water his cattle.  I said “sure”.  When he showed up, he was wearing a brace that kept his arm in place due to shoulder replacement surgery…sorry ss bottom feeder just needed a gate opener..least he bought breakfast.
It’ll cool off eventually so, keep rain in your prayers and do it often…