Natalia Police Rep

Officer on duty handled a telephone call asking for a report to be taken about several individuals who had been entering the complainant’s residence while she was sleeping and taking her property.  The Officer took the report telephonically and filed the report. 
08/07- Welfare Concern 
Officer on duty conducted a requested welfare check.  Upon arrival at the location contact was made with the subjects who appeared to be safe and voiced no concerns.
08/08- Injury to Elderly
Officer on duty was dispatched to a residence in Natalia.  Upon arrival at the location  the Officer made contact with the complainant who advised the Officer that the elderly resident had been assaulted by a family member.  The Officer took all the information regarding the suspect and took the report. 
08/10-Civil Matter
Officer on duty responded to a dispute between a landlord and tenant involving a food stamp card.
08/12-Traffic Control
Officer on duty assisted driver of a broken down truck on the bridge that had been traveling west bound.  The Officer arrived at the location and provided traffic control until a tow truck arrived to remove the broken down truck from the bridge area. 
08/13-Assist Citizen
Officer on duty was called to provide assistance to a Love’s store employee who had accidentally been locked in the storage room. Upon arrival at the location the Officer was able to get the storage door open and free the employee locked inside without incident.