“up and up”

Lytle P.D. officers made it through last week by handling 53 calls for service and conducting 98 traffic stops. Of those 98 traffic stops, 69 resulted in a citation and 29 were either verbal or written warnings.  
       We had five property crimes reported last week: #1 – H.E.B. Plus reported a female with a child attempted to make off with $88 worth of product. The property was recovered by store staff, the case is under investigation. #2 – Somebody thought it would be cool to graffiti the baby changing table in a restroom at John Lott Park. #3 – A Harbour St. resident reported their Waste Management trash can as stolen. On a side note, these normally turn up a day or two later after ending up at the wrong house. #4 – A complainant reported his wallet containing $117 cash, a Mexico DL, and his Mexico Consulate card was lost at H.E.B. Plus. #5 – A suspect attempted to cut into a storage unit at Lytle Self Storage on FM 2790, he damaged the lock and door (an arrest was made, see the arrest section). #6 – A suspect threw a rock and broke a window at Tots to Teen Dentistry. The suspect has been identified. 
       Arrests for last week: #1 – Officers arrested a male for a domestic violence charge, before being booked into jail he requested medical care for an existing condition. He was taken to the hospital in Jourdanton for clearance, it was determined he needed to be admitted. He was released and officers will seek an arrest warrant on an assault charge. (So that is kind of an arrest, un-arrest situation). #2 – Officers arrested a 39-year-old male for criminal trespass on H.E.B. property, he had been given a trespass notice in the past. #3 – Ofc. J. Cortez was patrolling the Lytle Self Storage on FM 2790 and happened upon a burglar trying to break into a unit. The suspect was charged with criminal mischief, and he had a felony dope warrant out of Bexar Co. Good job Ofc J. Cortez! #4 – A traffic stop on N. Prairie resulted in the arrest of a 27-year-old male on a warrant out of Bexar Co. for domestic violence. 
There are still some companies and individuals that go “door to door”. Door-to-door soliciting in the city limits of Lytle requires a permit. The permits are obtained at the city hall. If you have someone come to your door you can always ask them if they have a permit and ask to see it. We see this commonly with those wanting to do yard work (back when it rained), tree trimming, etc. We issue a few for products and other services too, solar panels got popular for a while. Many times, these solicitors don’t have permits, often because they are less than on the “up and up”. Feel free to call our 24-hour dispatch at 830-769-3434, an Atascosa Sheriff’s Communication Officer will dispatch an officer to your location to check the status of the solicitor. My best advice is if they offer something that seems to be too good to be true, you need to put some thought into it. Some people and groups, such as religious organizations, don’t require permits since they aren’t selling a product. Feel free to email or call if you have any questions. I have questions about anyone willing to go “door to door” in this heat!
On Monday, August 7, 2023, Sgt. D. Lopez and Ofc. L. Diaz responded to a disturbance on Magnolia St. Our officers encountered a subject in a mental health crisis, he was armed with a handgun and had already discharged the firearm. I am very proud that our officers used their training and experience in this critical incident, and the situation was resolved without any injury. The outcome could have been much different. 
In other Lytle P.D. news …. We mourn the loss of our break room refrigerator. After 8 plus years it gave out, I have stored many unhealthy snacks in there through the years. Fortunately, I have a new one scheduled for delivery.