What’s new @ the Driscoll Public Library

Many documentaries are available at the Driscoll Public Library.

Hope everyone had a great start to the 20/21 school year. We were really busy the first day of school printing for patrons and answering a lot of reference questions. This week we are going to showcase a select few of the many great mini-series/documentaries available at the library. These documentaries are a wonderful way of making learning entertaining. To view rest of our documentaries visit our online catalog at: https://driscoll.biblionix.com/catalog/.If you are interested in viewing what’s new at the library click on the “what’s new” tab in the right hand corner of our online catalog. We are also available to help you by phone at 830-663-2993.
The West – (NR–12 hours) In this panoramic documentary, Stephen Ives reveals the American West stripped of its Hollywood mythology, yet with intense drama and larger-than-life heroes and villains. Packed with vivid imagery and personalities, The West reveals the triumph and tragedy of Americas drive to become a continental nation.
Liberty! The American Revolution – (NR-6 hours) a dramatic documentary about the birth of the American Republic and the struggle of a loosely connected group of states to become a nation. This series brings the people, events, and ideas of the revolution to life through dramatic re-enactments performed by a distinguished cast.
The Ultimate Guide to the Presidents – (NR-6 hours) Join HISTORY Channel for a fresh perspective on how the Oval Office has evolved over the past 200 years and learn about the 43 men who have served as Commander in Chief — from George Washington to Barack Obama. This 8-hour miniseries concentrates on the ebbs and flows of presidential power and responsibilities as each of America’s leaders deal with the events, expectations and challenges of his time.
First Ladies Revealed – (NR-3 hours) Every first lady has their own tale to tell, and this series examines some of the women who left their indelible mark on the White House and in history. Join us as we go beyond the public lives to tell the private stories of Dolley Madison, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton, and more.
Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided – (NR-6 hours) This miniseries weaves together the troubled lives of a dirt-farmer’s son and a wealthy Southern slave-owner’s daughter. Together, Abraham and Mary Lincoln ascended to the pinnacle of power at the most difficult time in the nation’s history. Abraham Lincoln’s legacy as the Great Emancipator reshaped the nation while his tragic death left Mary reclusive and forgotten.
When We Left Earth: the NASA Missions – (NR) Since the dawn of mankind, we have stared up at the lights in the sky and wondered… Now join the heroic men and women who have dared the impossible on some of the greatest adventures ever undertaken – the quest to reach out beyond Earth and into the great unknown of space!
Blue Planet II – (NR – 5 ½ hours) This bold cinematic experience takes viewers on a magical adventure across the greatest, yet least known parts of our planet – our oceans.
Ancient Mysteries: Lost Cities – (NR) Take a journey across the globe and through time. Marvel at the power and glory of ancient Rome… discover the enchanting secrets behind the mystical Forbidden City… take to the high seas to learn the grim and gritty history of legendary pirates… behold the wonder of Machu Picchu… embark upon the odyssey of Troy… visit the remarkable city of Pompeii… search for the hidden utopia that is Shangri La… explore the crown jewel of the Roman Empire.
Arlington: Field of Honor – (NR – 60 min) Once little more than a potter’s field, Arlington National Cemetery has become a national shrine and treasury of American history. Discover how this revered site came to be, and how it serves as the final resting place for both the famous and obscure, from John F. Kennedy to the Unknown Soldier.
Inside the U.S. Secret Service – (NR – 90 min) With unparalleled entree to one of the world’s most protective and enigmatic governmental organizations, National Geographic takes you to a place virtually no outsider has entered… inside the United States Secret Service to witness first-hand what it takes to protect the President of the United States