On the double!

Well A’Dell started her first day of “Remote Schooling” with Aunt Pauline by her side. She packed her back pack and everything with all the notebooks and folders grandma bought her. I almost packed her a lunch kit. If I would have had an apple I would have sent one for Aunty Pauline who will untouchably be like the teacher’s aide troubleshooting any internet and connection issues. She was just as excited about the first day of school as ever, especially with her logging in at the ranch. Daddy said he’d take her out there on his way to work, so she had to set her alarm early. And she must have set and practiced setting it close to a dozen times. I’ve never even seen her so worried about getting up on time for school. She was also super excited that she could “get some exercise too” by working in the garden or runring around with the golden retrievers during breaks.
Going to school at the Ranch….man, sometimes all this social isolation seems like an inconvenience, but other times I think to myself “she is living my childhood dream.”
Of course, baby brother was not so excited about this school stuff. He was eager to run in her room and jump her awake this morning, but to his great disappointment, she’d already left for Ranch School. I had a hard time explaining that one to him.
Tucker is getting awful talkative lately. He especially likes to talk about his “pa” (grandpa), and all of his antics. Tucker is constantly telling us about all the rabbits and coons and snakes that pa hunts down.
He’s also finally starting to get into a little TV groove watching Paw Patrol, which seems to capture his attention far longer than anything else he’s ever watched. He’s even been singing it while he is getting ever-so muddy playing with his tractors in the dirt. There’s a lot of dirt and a lot of brmmm, brmmm, and every now and then I hear his little voice singing “We’ll be there on the double!”
I’m not gonna lie, I’m humming and bobbing my head around to the melody too even as I write. These little cartoon melodies are hard to get out of your head when you hear them for hours and hours on end.
Well, it’s almost time for Tucker to wake up from his nap and for ranch school to be over, so I better go. I don’t want to be late picking A’Dell up from her first day of school after all….So I’ll be there on the double!