I know a little boy and Kenneth Wayne is his name. His favorite word is “Utto”, and I think that’s my favorite word now too. Every time you see him, he walks up to you and says with the cutest little chubby cheeks—“Utto”.

Then throughout the day, nearly every time I look at him he says it too. I’m not sure if that’s just me, or everyone (I mean I am a pretty clumsy accident prone person).
That child is something else. His little eyes are just full of love and joy. He’s named after his great-grandpa Gene Capps, who passed away on a very rainy day last week. “Pop” as we called him was always the greeter at Devine Acres Farm, always there with a smile and a warm welcome. I have no doubt that little Kenneth Wayne Utto Capps is going to be just as charismatic as his grandpa “Pop” because he makes me smile every time I see him.
We also lost our Aunt Faye (Haass) this past week. She was such a kind and loving soul. Anytime you were ill or had a baby, she was there cooking you meals and washing your dishes. I will never forget her warmth and love or her love for a good cup of coffee and the beach. I promise I’ll try to pass on that warmth and love she showed me to others, drink a good cup of coffee, and run off to the beach every chance I get!