Clutch Field-Goal lifts Pirates to opening victory!

Eric Smith
Staff Writer
There is a buzz around Lytle, Texas, as a new sense of hope and pride is alive and well. This pride escalated last Friday night, as Pirate Nation was able to “Dig Deep” with 28 seconds to go as the Pirates were set for a game winning 31 yard field goal attempt.

“It was an unbelievable night for our town,” Lytle Pirate Head Coach Mike Trevino said.
A Huge turnover late in the game thanks to the Pirate defense gave the Pirates back the ball allowing the black and gold to drive down field and put the ball into the hands of a senior kicker, Marcos Alvarado.
“We put the ball in his hands and he delivered with 28 seconds to go and it was huge,” Trevino exclaimed. “Winning the first one is always good, but to also win it for this town was much more special to me.”
The Pirates played a great night defensively, as they held the Cats to just 130 yards of total offense on 43 plays which included 25 passing yards and just 105 rushing.
“We played lights out and I saw a lot of players play with so much energy,” Trevino said.
Offensively, the Pirates worked on their new offensive look for the first time in a real contest and accounted for 150 yards on 54 plays which included 46 passing and 104 rushing yards.
“Offensively, we moved the ball well on the ground and had explosive play through the air that put us into the redzone,” Trevino said.
What did hold the Pirates back, was getting inside the redzone two times and coming up empty.
“We had too many dropped snaps/bad snaps and this also cost us field position,” Trevino added.
All in all, a 3-point kick might be the biggest field goal in recent history, but it was an important one that the black and gold will hope to carry momentum into week two from as they prepare for 5A SA Kennedy this week.
For the Pirates, Lytle’s D. Gonzales was 2-5-37 yards as T. Davila led the rushing with 6-47 as D. Gonzales had 15-36 yards on the ground.