Total county crop sales totaled over $45 million in 2017 census

Agriculture has long been the backbone of our rural county, and it’s this editor’s opinion that there’s nothing prettier than a rolling field of cotton lining our FM and county roads. We are sad to see so much farmland disappearing, but here’s to celebrating that agriculture is alive and well in Medina County and such an important part of our community and the world.
In 2020 ag surveys, Medina County shows a total of 31,700 acres of corn planted with 26,000 harvested, 14,200 acres of cotton planted with 13,300 harvested (40,400 bales), and 9,400 acres of Oats planted with 1,470 harvested, 6,500 Sorghum planted with 5,890 harvested, 6,100 acres of Winter Wheat, with 3,380 harvested. These statistics are according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).
“Agriculture is the backbone of our community and is dependent on the conservation of natural resources,” said Kason Haby, local Rangeland Management Specialist for the USDA.
In the most recent 2017 census, there were a total of 2,281 farm operations in Medina County.
Previous Census years
In 2017, Medina County Crop sales totaled over $45,838,000.
Acres of Cotton Harvested in Medina County: 2012- 16,675 ac.; 2017-15,537 ac.
Bales of Cotton Harvested in Medina County: 2012- 44,249 bales; 2017- 41,141 bales
Acres of Grain Corn Harvested in Medina County: 2012- 29,392 acres; 2017-24,560 acres
Total Corn Sales Medina County: 2012- $22,602,000; 2017- $11,976,000
Total of All Crop Sales in Medina County: 2012- $64,889,000; 2017- $45,838,000
By Kayleen Holder

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