Talking to Sprinkles

We celebrated a couple of birthdays this weekend, and much to my son’s delight, there were two cakes. He spent most of his time hovering over the one with lots of colorful sprinkles. I won’t lie; the creamy white icing covered in pink, yellow, blue, and red sprinkles is quite enticing.
What really cracked me up is when I saw my little boy hunched over in a chair at the kitchen table, looking down at the sprinkles on the cake. He looked like he was counting the sprinkles, but instead he was saying “I love you and I love you and I love you” as he tried to decide which sprinkle he wanted to eat first. Only a child could be that passionate about sprinkles! Sprinkles are pretty awesome.
I already know I will miss these days. I was telling my little boy as I cuddled him, “Someday you’ll be too big for me to hold you.”
He responded with “Don’t worry, I will hold you.” What a sweetheart he is.