“Let me talk to a person please!” “Let me talk to a person!” “Let me talk to a person now!” I, and I’m sure you, get to do a lot of that these days, talking to the automated robots who try to replace good old fashioned customer service. One of my credit card companies has a super enthusiastic robot though, and he is really interesting to talk to! I’m like “Let me talk to a person!” and he’s like “Okay, great. I’d love to help you with that. You want to talk to a customer representative, right?”
Righto! I can’t imagine how crazy I look when I’m talking to those robots. They are probably the number one cause of strokes today. That and the HOLD music, which is always something ridiculous, although my 1 year old son sometimes breaks out into a dance when the hold music comes on. Honestly, when I call a bank, a doctor, or any business, and I hear the sound of a human being on the other end of the line it is such a relief.
The only kind of robot that I like is my robot vacuum cleaner. When it comes to doing business, let me talk to a person pleassssssssssssse!