8th Grade Maroon Fillys improve on already impressive season

The 8th grade Maroon Fillys have been hard at it this basketball season. With a 7-3 overall record and 6-2 in district, the Fillys have faced four tough teams in the past few weeks and won three of the four games.
Facing Carrizo Springs on December 12th, the Maroon Fillys held control of the game to win it 36-5. “This was a good game! The girls played with confidence and all brought something productive to the game. I enjoyed coaching this group so much. They are fun to watch and teach!!” Coach Shana Beaty
Steals: Kelsey Dishman 7, Iris Stricker 2, Denise Contreras 5, Makayla Rivera 3, Mackayla Schnautz 1, Lez De Los Santos 3, Liah Romero 4, Austin Little 2. Assists: Stricker 1, Schnautz 1, Janelle Coronado 1. Rebounds: Dishman 2, Schnautz 1. Points: Dishman 7, Contreras 10, Rivera 5, Schnautz 5, De Los Santos 5, Coronado 5, Romero 2. Q1 12-7, Q2 21-13, Q3 32-17, Q4 36-25.
Poteet came out ready to fight for every ball on December 16th but it was the Fillys who maintained a cool head to win 32-16. “The Fillys played a competitive game. I think at the beginning, my girls underestimated Poteet. But they have really improved since the first time we played them and they forced us to play more aggressively. After the first quarter, my girls started taking care of business and came up with the win at the end.” Coach Beaty
Steals: Dishman 3, Contreras 2, Rivera 1. Assists: Dishman 1, Stricker 1, Little 1, Contreras 1, Rivera 2, Schnautz 2, De Los Santos 1. Rebounds: Little 2, Stricker 1, Contreras 3, Rivera 4, Schnautz 5, Coronado 2, Mobley 4, De Los Santos 2, Romero 6. Points: Stricker 2, Contreras 7, Rivera 12, Schnautz 6, Coronado 2, Mobley 1, De Los Santos 2. Q1 8-4, Q2 14-7, Q3 19-10, Q4 32-16.
In their first game of the new year, the Fillys suffered their third loss of the season after losing to Crystal City in a very tight game. Each quarter ended with the Fillys down just a point or two and the game ended with Crystal City up 26-24. Coached by Jim Sessions and Mark Mangold, Coach Beatty said, “I know my girls played a good game and gave a good fight. Crystal City always plays an aggressive game and the score was close throughout. All we can do is move forward and focus on our next opponent.”
Steals: Dishman 2, Contreras 2, Rivera 2, Schnautz 2, Romero 1, Assists: Dishman 1, Contreras 2, Rivera 1, Schnautz 1, Mobley 1, Romero 3. Rebounds: Dishman 2, Contreras 1, Rivera 3, Schnautz 7, Mobley 2, De Los Santos 3, Romero 8. Points: Dishman 7, Contreras 8, Rivera 2, De Los Santos 5, Romero 2. Q1 6-7, Q2 14-15, Q3 16-17, Q4 24-26.
Facing their rivals on January 16th, the Fillys took down the Owls 33-20. “This was an important win for us! In the past, Hondo’s defense made it difficult for my girls to adjust offensively. But this time around, the changes we made against them were successful. My bench players were a huge factor as well. They’ve gained confidence regarding their roles on this team and it shows on the court. Congratulations to my girls! I am very proud of you all!” Coach Beaty
Steals: Stricker 1, Contreras 3, Rivera 1, Coronado 1, De Los Santos 2, Romero 2. Assists: Dishman 2, Contreras 2, Rivera 1, Schnautz 2, De Los Santos 2. Rebounds: Dishman 1, Contreras 4, Rivera 3, Schnautz 3, Coronado 1, Mobley 5, De Los Santos 2, Romero 5. Blocked shots: Dishman, Contreras 2, Mobley 3, Romero 1. Points: Contreras 14, Rivera 9, Schnautz 3, Mobley 2, De Los Santos 5. Q1 12-4, Q2 20-12, Q3 28-14, Q4 33-20.
With two games left this season, the Fillys will play at home January 23 against Pearsall and in Carrizo Springs January 30th.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer