Refreshing, rainy weather welcomes Warhorses; two-a-days officially underway

Cooler than normal temperatures and a little rain accompanied the initial Devine Warhorse football practice of the 2021 season. Conditioning and learning new schemes took center stage on day one, although many of the players reported in extremely good shape due to their dedication to the summer workouts hosted by the Warhorse coaching staff.
Regardless of conditioning level, players had to love the sub-90 degree temperatures and the feel of the chilly rain that lasted most of Monday morning.
Getting defensive
Warhorse defensive coordinator George Villa was more than pleased with what he saw from his defensive unit as a whole on the first day of practice.
Devine utilizes time in the spring to reteach concepts and implement new schemes with the hope that it will further limit opposing team’s offensive output.
“I thought the first day went really well,” Villa stated. “I was pleased with the retention that carried over from last April and May.”
Coaches also got the opportunity to work with players during the summer, which undoubtedly will contribute to more cohesiveness among all position groups.
The first day of camp is the first day of a near four-month commitment to putting together a solid defensive effort. Villa was happy with his squad’s initial practice but sees the big picture as well saying, “We are looking forward to the progress we will be making week by week.”
Hungry for success
Varsity running back coach Evan Eads was excited to see his players show up ready to get to work.
“We were ready for day one!” Eads said. “The players brought a lot of energy and were ready to learn the plays.”
Not being padded up the first few days of practice, the time they have to learn new plays and schemes is vital to what can be added once they fully pad up.
Wanting to learn and being coachable from day one says a lot about their desire for a successful season.
“My running backs are hungry for this year,” Eads said referring to the attention to detail his group showed in their commitment for a great season.
That’s cool
Players aren’t the only ones allowed to enjoy the cooler temperature and to embrace a few raindrops throughout the opening day of practice.
Coaches get hot too, and with a veteran staff that has been out on Dean Bates Practice Field for more than a couple of decades worth of two-a-days, the “older guys” deserve a little reprieve from the heat as well.
Former Warhorse and current coach Scott Taylor is entering his 23rd season as a Devine football coach. Coach Taylor was not lying when he said day one was “the coolest first day ever!” and that the “weather was absolutely amazing!”
Here’s hoping that the players and coaches are blessed with many more cool days ahead as the Horses march towards their season opener on August 27.
Although players and coaches were treated to cooler temperatures than what is usual for the kickoff of two-a-days, players remain encouraged to eat well and to rehydrate fully on a daily basis regardless of the heat index.
Proper hydration and an appropriate diet should be maintained not only while going through a practice, but both before and after they leave the friendly confines of the athletic field house.
Heat-related and health-related issues players experience can usually be attributed to what they did or did not put into their bodies consistently throughout the offseason and into the regular season.
Opportunities for players to rehydrate and to eat a snack are abundant during the time they are at school under the supervision of coaches and athletic trainer Ruben “Doc” Alston.
No player has ever been denied the opportunity to get a drink or to get a quick snack when needed. Once the player begins to feel as though they are going to “crash”, much of the dehydration has already occurred and will take time for it to correct.
Parents and players, do your part away from school by eating good, healthy foods and rehydrating your body with water and electrolytes.
Better late than never
Although the first week may be close to being in the books by the time some have read this, it is never too late for a player to join the football program even though a few practices have already been laid to rest.
Football is a demanding sport for sure, but it is also one of the most rewarding sports a player can ever be involved.
If interested in joining the Warhorse football family, Coach Gomez and his staff will welcome you with open arms.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer