Newlyweds lose home to fire, family and friends fundraising to help the Romeros rebuild

Newlyweds Madison and David Romero lost their home and all their possessions in a fire this past weekend near Devine.

“They lost everything except some guns (which have damage and will need to be fixed). They only have the clothes they were wearing. They lost their laptop, clothes, shoes, dishes, and all their wedding gifts that were still in boxes. For those of who don’t know they lived in an RV. They have insurance on their RV, but the policy does not cover any of their belongs inside,” a family member said.

“They both work so hard and have been trying to saving money to buy a house,” her mother said. “My heart is broken for them, she said ‘Mom I know we didn’t have a lot, but I loved everything we have worked so hard for and now it gone.’ As a parent, it just broke my heart in pieces for them. They know GOD is good and will guide them through this and make them stronger because of it. Anything you can find in your heart to spare to help them start to rebuild what they lost would be greatly appreciated. Please continue to keep them your prayers and ask GOD to guide through this heartbreaking experience.”

“Madison and David Romero are such a hard-working and respectful young couple,” said Aunt Renee Frieda. “They live next door to Maddie’s grandparents and never hesitate to pitch in to help when needed. It is devastating that just 6 months after getting married they had to suffer this loss.  But I have no doubt that with hard –work and the help of family and friends they will quickly get back to building their future together.”

They are a hardworking couple, and in fact, when a friend asked David what he needed, his answer was “a pair of work boots” as his burned in the fire.

The very next day he found a pair of work boots in a donation box at Calame Store, along with a check inside.

A Go Fund Me benefit has been set up for them here, and donations can also be dropped off at Calame Store in Devine. You can call 830-931-7370.

By Kayleen Holder


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