Mission Devine volunteers get to work

Last Monday, Mission Devine gathered over 75 volunteers to begin their 42 projects. Volunteers were spread across Devine and Natalia on their mission to spread their message of “Love thy Neighbor as thy self.”

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“To me, it’s a way for volunteers to give themselves as a gift 100% to a stranger,” Cliff Redus, 16 year volunteer said. “It lets Christians be doers instead of just hearers of the word.”
Volunteers have signed up to do all kinds of projects, from mowing the lawn to completely replacing a roof. Most of the people helped by this program are the elderly, unable to finish these projects on their own.
“It’s interesting to see people’s reactions to the projects,” Redus said. “They are so anxious for people to fix a bathroom or replace a roof, free of charge, because life experience tells them it’s too good to be true. Midweek, they see it come together and it’s incredible to see the joy on their face and to watch them see what Jesus can do.”
Mission Devine will continue its projects until Saturday, June 12th. They welcome people to continue to sign up, even up the last day, and join them at their morning devotionals and free breakfast. A more complete summary of Mission Devine’s projects will be available next week.
By Noah Davila

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