Just dance

I was on a long “hold” with doctors and health insurance companies last Thursday, and feeling pretty frustrated about it, so I put it on speaker phone and set it down on the table. I soon saw baby Tuckers legs start to bounce with the beat of the hold song. He ran across the room and stood in front of me in full-out dance mode, with a huge smile on his face. It was so cute.
The next day, the little rascal got a sudden urge to teethe and bit me on the ankle, nice and hard. It was such an unexpected bite, and I screamed at the top of my lungs. I was a little hoarse afterward, and I whined to my daughter–“My throat hurts from screaming so loud.”
To my sweet surprise, she got the idea to get up and make me some hot tea to soothe my aching throat. “Here you go mommy,” she said, “I put a spoonful of sugar.”
It just melted my heart. It had a spoonful of sugar, but it was a cupful of kindness. It’s amazing what a little act of kindness can do.
A couple days ago, I had seen a sign that said “Whenever you get the opportunity to help someone, be glad to do it, because it is God answering someone’s prayers through you.”
I thought that was so beautiful, that I printed it out and we colored around it like a poster.
Well, remember, the next time you have to spend hours on the phone sorting out health insurance problems….you might as well dance while you’re holding!