Garden Club bans signs at Four Corners

The Devine Garden Club needs the community’s help. If you have noticed the dying grass and plants at the Four Corners area, there is a reason for that. Due to the indiscriminate placing of signs at these corners, the pipelines for our sprinkler system have suffered major damage and are not functioning. The pounding in of wooden stakes and wire sign-holders in random places and without the club’s knowledge or permission has caused this damage. As long as we received periodic rains, it went unnoticed. With the lack of rain, the damage showed up and is now being repaired. It will take a great deal of time and money to repair this.
With this in mind, the Club will no longer allow signs to be placed at the Four Corners, except non-profit signs that will be allowed along the sidewalk areas..
Along with the non-profits, we also kindly ask the business owners at each of the four corners to use the area along the sidewalk. Also, at no time should there be signs at the Shell Corner as this is the VFW’s Veteran’s Memorial.
The Devine Garden Club created these four areas in 1947 and has maintained them for over seventy years. It is our goal to keep this area, “the face of Devine.” We are saddened by the damage and know that the good citizens of Devine will understand the importance of this, and will help us enforce it.