Frank Cantalni wins Stroud Award

Lewis Stroud, right, is pictured with Frank Cantalni, the recipient of the 3rd Annual Lewis Stroud Award.

I had the pleasure of introducing the 3rd Annual Lewis Stroud Award. As many of you know, Lewis helped start this chapter 50 years ago with a membership size of around 15 officials. Because of his leadership and vision, today the membership is close to 400. What a blessing to announce the third recipient of this award. Frank Cantalni is a good friend, a good ref, and a good person. He exemplifies what officiating is all about. He has helped the South Texas Chapter in many, many ways. Frank is also a good critiquer at camps, and is also the Chapter advisor.
Lewis Stroud has officiated basketball 53 years and has called three State tournaments and nine Regional tournaments.
By David Balli