December 1
9:00AM – Complainant on Adams St found bikes on her property that don’t belong to her. Officer picked up.

10:11AM – Complainant on Hondo Ave reported suspicious Hispanic male, heavy set, wearing camouflage plants walking into traffic. Officers made location and contacted male. Male was given ride to Lytle but was refusing to cooperate.
11:55AM – Adult male was transported to University Hospital
15:05PM – Birth registration card found on FM 2200.
16:54PM – Complainant advised wallet was left at business in Devine on 12/1/23 and credit card was used at another business for several purchases.
December 2
4:11AM – Complainant on Upson Dr. called about a man in their yard with a flashlight. Neighbor stated he was looking for something next door with flashlight earlier. Caller stated occurred over an hour prior to call.
7:00AM – Complainant called in reference to an accident in county, vehicle located on Devine Dr. Troopers was notified.
13:43PM – Complainant on IH 35 S called in reference to individual who swapped tags on merchandise. Suspect left before officer’s arrival.
15:53PM – Complainant on Warhorse Dr called in reference to a burgundy vehicle parked on side of road. Vehicle not a traffic hazard and belongs to person on the street.
16:32PM – Tone out to PR 7615 for disturbance with a weapon. All okay.
December 3
0:28AM – Complainant on Rossville called in reference to loud noise/music. Was asked to turn down.
0:50AM – Original callers now yelling at neighbors for noise. Parties were separated and noise was lowered.
4:23AM – Officer dispatched to Libold Dr for a male and female disturbance. Both parties were separated.
13:07PM – Officer dispatched to IH 35 S for a minor accident.
13:44PM – Complianant on SH 132 called in reference to male on property causing issues. Gave courtesy ride to Garza Boarding Home.
14:45PM – Complainant on Teel Dr advised resident from Sterling had been causing problems. Notified Sterling.
15:05PM – Trooper found ATM card on SH 132 N. Owner contacted and made aware. Will head to PD to recover.
19:42PM – Complainant on IH 35S reported dark vehicle driving at approximately 20 MPH in fast lane. Unable to locate.
20:22PM – Officer dispatched to Libold Dr for verbal dispute between male and female. Advise officer all okay.
20:50PM – Officer dispatched to Gutierrez Ave for verbal disturbance between female and boyfriend.
December 4
7:00AM – Assisted DPS with traffic control on I 35 N for a minor accident. Driver ran off road into brush area. Friendly Glenn’s took vehicle.
8:19AM – Complainant on Hondo Ave E called in reference to a dually, dark gray/blue vehicle and flatbed blocking entry way into property’s parking lot. Vehicle had left prior to officer’s arrival.
13:34PM – Complainant on Hondo Ave advised found bikes in backyard. Bikes were taken to kennels.
21:01PM – Complainant on Blackjack reported neighbor yelling at them. Has happened multiple times in the past. No contact with neighbor.
23:25PM – Officer dispatched to County Road 777 for minor accident.
December 5
6:37AM – Complainant on Hickory Hwy advised he could hear noises coming from outside.
7:10AM – 911 hang up. Two individuals on Libold Dr yelling at each other. No answer on call back. Male departed prior to officer’s arrival.
8:12AM – Complainant on Hickory Hwy called regarding two male subjects wearing face masks, green shirt and gray shirt believed to be attempting to break into shed. Officer made contact with subjects who stated they were employees for Spartan, 3rd party for AT&T, and were in area to remove old AT&T lines. Officer made contact with supervisor who verified employees.
12:32PM – Complainant on Jefferson Dr called in reference to male subject wearing a trench coat and cap walking past residence several times. Unable to locate subject.
14:30PM – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave for medical emergency. Subject transported to Camino Real.
19:07PM – Complainant on IH 35 S called in reference to male apprehended for theft of $102.21. Male did not cooperate and left in white suburban. Later identified by police. Charges pending.
December 6
1:30AM – Officer assisted with disturbance at Palfrey St between male and female. Parties were separated.
3:26AM – Complainant on Dubose Dr advised it sounded like someone was flying a drone outside his bedroom window. Unable to locate.
15:15PM – Officer dispatched to Colonial Pkwy for a minor accident.
23:01PM – Officer dispatched to Windy Knoll Dr for graffiti in boy’s bathroom.
December 7
1:13AM – Complainant on Dubose Dr called in reference to a drone outside bedroom window. Spoke with relative of complainant who advised complainant’s meds may have been recently changed.
11:09AM – Officer dispatched for minor accident.
12:27PM – Complainant reported stalled vehicle in roadway of Hondo Ave.
12:31PM – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave for minor accident.
16:01PM – Complainant on Harrolton Cir report hearing a gun shot in area. Officer made location and made contact with complainant. Unable to locate. Officer did notice construction in effect.