Council selects streets for summer repair

Street repair is on the way after the Devine City Council approved the roads to receive work courtesy of Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jerry Beck and his crew during a Special meeting held last Tuesday, April 6.

Each Council member selected approximately one mile of streets in their district to receive a double seal coat for just the cost of materials. Beck previously estimated that cost around $40,000 per mile.
Council members selected streets based on the state of disrepair, the treatment required to improve them, and the projected path of the currently-paused but ongoing water pipe replacement project.
District 1 (Rufino “Flipper” Vega): Transportation Dr. and N. Bright Dr.
District 2 (Steve Lopez): Live Oak Dr., Watson Ave., S. Tilley Dr., Fullerton Dr., and Ross Ave.
District 3 (David Espinosa): McAnelly Ave., Washington Ave., and Upson Dr.
District 4 (Kathy Lawler): Kempf Ave., Parker Dr., Crouch Ave., Faye Ave., and Hermitage Loop
District 5 (Debra Randall): DuBose Dr., 500 block of Jack Nicklaus Dr. to W. Malone Dr., W. Malone Dr. from Ingram Rd. to Jack Nicklaus Dr., and Howard Dr.
Repairs are expected to begin this summer.
The next Council meeting is set for April 20.
By Marly Davis
Staff Writer