Chin Stick

My little boy is obsessed with chap stick, or “chin stick” as I might call it based on the amount of chap stick he puts on his chin versus his lips. He’s gonna have the softest chin in Devine, TX. As much as he loves it, he also has a very precarious way of losing the precious little chap stick constantly. Then of course he begs for me to go to the store and buy a new one right away.
The other day he took his chap stick with him to bed for his nap, and when he woke up it was lost in the covers. I found it and handed it to him and he sat up and said “Good job mom. You my big helper!”
What a turkey he is. He gives us a run for our money. He gives our kittens a run for their money too. One minute he is sweet and cuddling the kittens and the next minute he is……a wild heathen boy. He then tosses the kitten and chases them around in circles. Who am I to judge? Maybe they are just playing a nice game of “tag”, and Tuckers just always “it.”
They cuddle with him nicely on the couch, but once those kittens sense he is going into wild boy mode they run for the hills and are hard to catch. At that point big sister is called to catch the kittens and they work together. One of their favorite places to hide is behind the couch. So the other day she had Tucker sit right at the entrance to the tunnel behind the couch while she tried to grab the cat. That cat came flying around the corner from the kitchen to take cover behind the couch, but to her surprise little Tucker was right there waiting for her, and when that kitten saw tucker, she came to a sliding stop and did the sharpest U-turn I’ve ever seen. Both of the kids were rolling on the ground laughing after that.
These two kids of mine are a lot of fun and a lot of crazy! Here’s Tucker again asking “Where’s my chap stick?”