Boosters v “additonal doses” for immunocomrpomised

Since last Monday’s report, our county’s active COVID-19 case count for 9/20 is 301 up from 257 a week ago. Good news, no new fatalities from COVID-19 to report this week. Even though cases are still up here, hospitalizations are headed in a downward trend across Texas. There is confusion about COVID-19 booster doses and I will clarify.
There is a difference between “additional” doses for Immunocompromised persons and “booster doses” for everyone else. Some providers are using the word booster for what is currently available for immunocompromised people who represent only about 3%. These are people for who the vaccine may not have worked for and an “additional dose” as early as 28 days after their mRNA COVID-19 vaccine series is recommended.
A booster dose is a dose given to “boost” the immune system and is given at a later time, as we are now seeing, months after your mRNA vaccine (2 dose) series. A booster dose is given as vaccine efficacy may be starting to wane for some. The CDC will be holding a meeting on Sept. 29th to review the FDA booster recommendations. We will know more about who will be eligible for boosters after that time. The Health Unit plans to hold several clinics around the county initially to make it convenient.
We have been getting calls about flu vaccine. The Health Unit will not be giving private flu vaccines but will have flu vaccines for uninsured adults. These doses should be available in mid-October. We do have flu vaccines currently available for children who are uninsured or have Medicaid. Even though we are focused on COVID-19 vaccines, getting your flu shot is still important and recommended.
Medina County Health Unit is open Monday through Thursday, COVID-19 vaccinations are available from 7:30 am-11:30 am and 1 pm-5:30 pm on those days, walk-ins welcome. The Health Unit encourages everyone age 12 and older to get vaccinated; it is the best way to avoid severe illness, hospitalization, and death. Come see us and get vaccinated as soon as you can.
VACCINE DATA UPDATE(estimated) since 9/13/2021
People that are fully vaccinated age 12 and older:
Medina County 54.42% up from 52.55% (this is a good jump up and means approx. 800 more doses of COVID vaccine were given to Medina County residents to move us almost 2%!
Texas 60.32% up from 58.93%
CASE DATA UPDATE (estimated) since 9/13/2021
Confirmed Cases: 4,513
Probable Cases: 1,891
Fatalities: 138 (no change from last week)
Active Cases: 301 up from 257
Recovered: 5,982 * See State’s definition of ‘recovered’
For additional information, the Texas COVID-19 Data website and dashboards have COVID information on cases, vaccines, schools, nursing facility data.
By Patricia Mechler
Medina County Health Unit