BIRTHDAY CARDS WANTED: Look at You…“Aunt Sissy” is 102!

Look at You…“Aunt Sissy” is 102!
Sylvia Bealmear was born August 1921 in San Benito Texas. She lived through the great depression, and as a young girl, she and her sisters helped her family work on the farm.

She had to help pick cotton and okra. As a teenager after the war, she worked as a teller at the local bank. After she was married, she moved to San Antonio and worked for the Baptist hospital. This is now known as the downtown Baptist. She worked in the billing and insurance department. While she was there is when Medicaid and Medicare took place. She had to keep paper logs in big log books of everyone who came in that had Medicaid and Medicare since this was pre-computer age. She has been twice widowed.
A piece of advice from Aunt Sissy, “Pray and Thank the Lord, and he will take care of you”.
If you would like to send Sylvia a card with birthday wishes you can send a card to Aunt Sissy in care of MW Auto at 105 Dixon Dr. Devine TX 78016. Her niece and nephew Carissa and Jack Clark will deliver it to her.