Baby Victor bravely faces chemo again

We’d like to share this story of a Medina County family, knowing that the community would love to rally around and help support this young family in these times of need.
Eleven-month old baby Victor Elizondo III began his battle with cancer at the tender age of 4 months old, when doctors discovered a tumor behind his left eye. Baby Victor has already undergone one round of chemo, months of radiation, and has begun a second round of chemotherapy which will continue for about 7 more months. It’s been a long road already, but his mother and father, Esperanza and Victor Elizondo Jr, and Grandma Lisa are encouraged by reports that his tumor is shrinking.
The family discovered the aggressive cancer, called Rhabdomyosarcoma or RMS, when his eye started swelling.
“At first when we noticed his eye was getting swollen, we thought it might have been a reaction to a bug bite. But the swelling didn’t go away,” mom stated. “Rhabdomyosarcoma is cancer of the muscle, and the tumor is located on the tissue behind his eye. As the tumor grew it was pushing his eye outward, and we knew something was wrong. It happened very fast, within a week’s time.”
RMS is very rare in infants.
“At the time he was diagnosed, our doctors said Victor was the youngest baby that they have ever seen with this type of cancer,” his mother Esperanza Elizondo said. “So the testing that they do will also help other kids facing this cancer.”
Victor completed radiation in Houston and his first round of chemotherapy, which seemed to be helping, but then there was bad news.
“The tumor shrank, but then it started growing back, so they have switched to a stronger different kind of chemo, and it has worked much better. It’s been helping a lot. When they showed us the MRIs side by side you can see a huge difference when you compare the MRI now against the MRI in September. We come in for chemotherapy three times a month for several days at a time.”
He recently underwent 2 months of radiation therapy in Houston, and Grandma Lisa Elizondo states, “In Houston they had to put him to sleep every single day, and it just breaks his mama and my hearts. We had to stay there until they put him down to sleep, and then we’d go out the room crying…. please God take care of Baby Victor. I know he’ll get through this. God is big, and is going to help us. We have faith in God even though we’re struggling a lot right now.”
Mom says despite the tough treatments, Baby Victor is a resilient, happy boy.
“He is about to turn 1 year old soon. He loves Mikey Mouse and if he hears music anywhere—he starts dancing. He is very friendly and talkative. Doctors are always so surprised with how well he handles everything,” mom says.

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“What Victor has gone through has changed all of our lives,” mom said. “I don’t know how I could handle going through what he goes through every day. I used to cry, but now I just look into his face and I am so grateful for his smile. Even with all the surgeries, and trips to the hospital, and side effects of the medicines, he stays happy and active, and I am so grateful for that. This experience has made me so much more grateful for all of the little things that come our way.”
Grandma Lisa is happy to help by traveling with mom and baby back and forth to doctors and treatments.
“I call him Twinkie,” Grandma Lisa said, “and Twinkie has been really strong. Last week, he was really low on Red blood cells so we had to travel to Houston for a blood transfusion. He is just a very amazing, strong boy.”
“And he loves his grandma!” she adds, “After one of his treatments, Esperanza handed Twinkie to me and the first thing he did was give me a big ol’ kiss!”
“Twinkie has definitely changed all of our lives, and brought our family closer together. When Twinkie first got sick, my husband sat down with us and said ‘Okay, this is going to be a big journey,’ and it has been. I had to quit my job to help. The baby comes first. We have had to make a lot of cuts to our budget—cut off phones among other things to make it work, but we will find a way to get through it. We spoil Victor rotten. The rule in our house is never let Victor cry!”
Help the Elizondos get back on their feet
Grandma Lisa Elizondo is now looking for part-time work with hours that will still allow her to travel back and forth to doctors and hospitals for chemotherapy. She has worked as a personal care provider for the elderly for many years, and would like to begin doing that again.
“I can also do cooking, cleaning, yard work, just about anything ,”she said with a laugh. “But I need flexible hours that allow me to have the afternoons off so that I can go to Victor’s doctor’s appointments.”
TAMALES Fundraisers
The family is hosting Tamale fundraisers every weekend, featuring Grandma Lisa’s famous tamales. “Every Saturday and Sunday I sell tamales. We deliver all over Devine, Hondo and Uvalde. Many people just call my cell 830-548-5621 or message me on Facebook to place orders. We appreciate all the help,” Grandma Lisa Elizondo said, that will help get them down the road to the next appointment.
The Elizondos are struggling to make their car payment this month and are grateful for any help.
If you would like to mail a Christmas gift, cards, or donations of any kind, you can mail it to 501 CR 4639, Hondo, TX 78861. Baby Victor could also use Similac Sensitive Formula (orange lid), and size 18—24 month clothes.
Victor’s mother Esperanza does not have a phone, as it is one of the expenses that had to be cut. But you can reach Grandma Lisa Elizondo at 830-584-5621.
“We appreciate all of the help and prayers. It has helped so much. He is doing so well, and so many people are behind him and we are really, really grateful,” Esperanza said.