Baby’s morning coffee

I’m glad it’s only a few more days til Christmas because my curious little boy gets more and more curious everyday about those presents under the tree. Every time I turn my head and he disappears, I can usually find him under the tree. That’s not the only mischief he’s been up to though. Last week, I walked in the other room and when I came back seconds later, I found baby boy sitting in mama’s recliner with my coffee cup turned upside down as he chugged my morning coffee.
Of course, at least half of it or most of it poured out all around him, but he was licking his lips and has never looked the same at my coffee. He’s always eyeing it now, so he must have gotten plenty sugary coffee. He must have needed some energy, huh? I think not. Anyway, it was Grandma’s day to babysit, so off to Grandmother’s house we went, and I never got to see just how much energy his morning coffee gave him. Shucks!
I had a good laugh as I dropped him off with Grandma because she is always trying to load him up on popsicles and cookies and such. It’s like she has this burning desire to give him sugar. She just can’t keep her hand out of the cookie jar or popsicle freezer when her grandbabies are around.
I bet he didn’t need any popsicles or cookies last Thursday though! Ha!