Warhorse Fan of the Year Bobby Campsey recovering from severe leg infection

Grant Collins and Bobby Campsey.

Devine’s Bobby Campsey is an iconic figure in Devine and a daily presence in the lives of our Warhorses, and one of this year’s running backs Grant Collins stopped by the visit him at Devine Health and Rehab where Bobby is recovering from a severe leg infection.
“He has been in rehab for several weeks with a leg infection that could have resulted in him losing his leg. When Grant stopped by to visit him, he told Grant that he hadn’t missed spring training in 25 years! He sure misses the boys,” said Warhorse mom Collye Collins.
Head Warhorse Football Coach Paul Gomez (who is a former Warhorse player himself) states, “As I can remember, Bob has been a part of Warhorse Athletics. Heck he has his own desk in our coaches’ office! If you played sports in Devine, Bob more than likely knows your Jersey number for each sport and even your freshman jersey number as well. Bob has won numerous “Warhorse Fan of the Year” awards throughout the years because of his dedication to Warhorse Athletics. He loves these kids. He loves his Warhorses and don’t talk bad about them because he will jump your case! Bob is a great man, and he has definitely been missed out here in Athletics, but regardless of where he is, here or not, Bob Campsey is always in our hearts. The boys will be ready to play for him this coming fall!”
Stop by and visit Bobby. He has plenty of old Warhorse football stories to share. Get well soon!